Vietnam Hoi An Tours – Special Experience For Holiday

 Not only the Bo Boi chicken, Hoi An also attracts visitors with many delicious dishes such as bread, high floor, wonton, barbecue meat …If you still do not know what to eat, where to Hoi An, you can refer to the address below.
Ba Boi chicken rice
Ba Boi chicken rice is a name that was present in Hoi An from the 50s of the 20th century. Previously, this rice dish was Buoi, the owner of a street vendor. For convenience, the family moved to No. 22, Phan Chu Trinh. At present, the restaurant is managed by two children. Thanks to the know-how, the shop still crowded with visitors every day.
In many places, chicken pieces here also include plain rice, boiled chicken and other vegetables. Accordingly, chickens choose garden drop, give a litter. Thanks to that new meat firm, tough and strong taste. Rice is only used for at least one year. Raw vegetables are located directly from the village of Que Que vegetables to the taste is complete.
Thanh Cao Lau
Where do you go to Hoi An? River in the evening? In Vietnamese restaurants listed in travel books? If you have not decided, go to a small restaurant, simple as a popular rice, located at No. 26 Thai Phien and has a simple name: Thanh Cao floor.
High floor here is not much different than other places, but the taste is more special. High-altitude bowl, high fiber yellow light, large, eaten in the tough, soft soft, the pieces of meat are fine, thickened, carefully made, bold, eaten very mouth. And the whole class of fresh and sweet vegetables. They blend together and create a whole body of simple but harmonious taste, making you keep asking yourself even when you finish eating a bowl. The price of a high floor is 20,000 – 25,000 VND.
Dumplings, cauliflower, white roses
Dumplings, cauldrons are two types of cake that have similar ingredients and are often eaten on a plate. To Hoi An, try to try this special, do not forget to visit the White Rose restaurant on Hai Ba Trung. Here, you not only enjoy the dumplings, delicious cauldron but also can see their own cake process meticulous.
Main ingredients for processing these two types of rice are rice, white rice, whole grain, plastic, aromatic, planted on clean land. Multiply the cake of cauldron made from fresh shrimps mixed with a little pepper, garlic, onions, lemongrass and esoteric spices. The dumplings are made from pork, mushrooms, thinly sliced ​​green onions and also fried with the esoteric spice. Perhaps this spice is also a cause that dumplings, cauliflower cake can only eat delicious in Hoi An.
Bread Madame Khanh
Hoi An bread is also a specialty that anyone ever set foot in this land are loving memory. And to mention the bread of Hoi An, everyone think of the famous Phuong bread was praised by foreign food experts. But do you know, Hoi An bread also has a well-known address, even more foreigners appreciate more than not? That’s Madame Khanh’s.
Located on Tran Cao Van Street, a bit far from the Old Quarter, Madame Khanh’s bread is a tiny bread shop with a casual, ordinary bakery. But look a little closer, you will see this cabinets are full of praise from the tourists around the world. Even so, the tourists favor the naming of Madame Khanh – The Banhmi Queen.
Wet rice barbecue – food street by the river Hoai
Wet rice barbecue most sold in the Hoai River. This is a treat for both adults and children. A full range of grilled skewers, wet breads, raw vegetables and indispensable sauces.
The meat is baked in place so it is always hot and fragrant. When placed in thin layer, add green vegetables, eat the same sauce to create delicious taste strange mouth. Therefore, many people do not just stop at one, two but often call a few oblique to eat new saturated.

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