Vietnam Folk Musics

 Peace is famous land with many folk festivals bearing national identity. Muong people have many agricultural festivals such as the bronze festival, the rain festival, the hunting festival, the fishing festival, the rice washing ceremony, the new rice ceremony, the masking ceremony, embellishments … festivals in the Muong area do not bring the nature of Assembly that is mainly directed to rituals. 
In Hoa Binh, there are no large, massive festivals with the participation of crowds of people with costumes, gifts and equipment, and the same rules as festivals of the Kinh people in the lowlands. There are spring mountain festival or romance market that earnest of the Mong people in the northwest … However, the community of ethnic groups living in Hoa Binh, especially the Muong, also have their own festival bold culture. Is it because the population density of the Muong, Dao and Thai ethnic groups here is usually concentrated in individual, seemingly closed, but their festivals are usually not large scale, not excel, away from the area they live in. Even Muong people are divided into four main Muongs, having certain autonomy in each place, making it somewhat confined. 


An entertainment event in the Festival of Muong Bi
An entertainment event in the Festival of Muong Bi
The Muong, Kinh, Thai, Dao, Mong people in Hoa Binh do not have any big scale festivals. However, their festivals such as the festival season (in bronze), charms, gongs, bamboo swing … no less special and contain many human meaning.
Festival of ethnic groups in Hoa Binh is associated with the specific characteristics of geography, nature and social life of the communities that existed here for a long time. The Muong communities have very close relationships with the Vietnamese and have had a rich culture that many nuances still hold to this day. That culture has made a great contribution to the culture of HB has become a cultural phenomenon recognized by the world. Here are some typical festivals in Hoa Binh: 
Festival of the Muong people: This is a very popular festival of the Muong people, like the festival of Tay people in Ngan, Cao Bang, Ha Giang … purpose of the ceremony. Assembly is to pray for the harvest of a prosperous New Year, lucky. At the same time, the practice of rituals is also a chance for the Muong people to rest, entertain and express their aspirations for a beautiful and peaceful life. This festival usually takes place at the beginning of spring, such as Muong Bi, Luy village, Tan Lac district, Muong Chieng district, Muong Tom commune, Tan Lap commune, Lac Son district.
Muong festival of charity: this festival means carrying a gong, a fun entertainment is held on the occasion of New Year in the Muong village to wish each other good luck. In addition to other happy occasions, people also have the charms to welcome guests from far away, build a new home, welcome to mulberry or other happy occasions. 
Muong Festival for the Season: Typical Festival of the season in Muong Vang, Lac Son, is the festival of the season of 7 communes in the Republic. Festivals originated from the past when the bugs appeared to break the crop, the corridors in the group meeting to discuss the organization. There are five worms much, after the ceremony, natural birds have flocked to the field to catch the worms, making the rice clean deep but good fresh from which people believe in the festival of the season. This year is usually celebrated. 
Temple Festival: This festival is the most involved and largest of the Kinh people in Hoa Binh, the festival is a symbol of solidarity of the three ethnic Kinh – Muong – Dao living on the strip of Hoa Binh with Vietnam Folk Musics. Shrine or Bo Waterfall is a famous historical city, not only there is a temple, but also a market Bo was once the name of the capital. Legend has it that in 1431- 1432, King Le Loi went to Muong Festival (Son La) to take part in the battle against the invaders. Among them were Dinh Thi Van of Muong and a Dao woman who assisted the king in military matters, boat rafts, and so on. Temple. Since then, people here have held annual conferences on the 7th of January to commemorate the two women and gods. 
At present, this relic and festival attracts crowds of visitors from the bottom upward, the festival becomes a month-long, visitors can both enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as spiritual activities. guide. 
There are also many other festivals such as Muong rain praying festival, Muong rice leaf washing festival, Hang Pagoda festival, new rice ceremony of the Thai people, tongue ceremony, ceremonies of Thai people, ceremony Thai gong festival … with great spiritual and folk appeal.

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