This is just one of many, happening everyday, away from the beam light of the social media

It’s like most of us don’t know what happened in Obalende yesterday. This is just one of many, happening everyday, away from the beam light of the social media, in dark alleys and corners, abandoned buildings and warehouses, at work places during very late hours, in off-campus lodges in the universities, etc.
I read with nostalgia the story of the secondary school boy, trying to rape a fellow school girl coming back from school, in BROAD DAYLIGHT; attacking her with scissors, tearing her skirts, throwing her to the ground, pulling her hair, with his trousers already unhooked and unzipped, and trying to penetrate the helpless girl from behind, and getting assistance from fellow depraved boys; who hold the girl to the ground and fight to part her legs as she fights back like a lioness.
And what is worse? Some depraved street urchins were capturing the whole drama with their phones, laughing and clapping, in a wild frenzy, clearly being entertained. They felt no moral urgency to intervene. Passers by were keen to mind their business. School boys were having a field day in broad day light, under the approval and protection of street urchins.
The boldness of these boys, doing this in broad day light, in public clearly comes from several others they’ve done in private places and gotten away with.
This story is all over the social media. I’ve been reading all the posts, comments, and comments inside comments since last night with unbelievable amazement.
Good news is that some concerned Nigerians are on top of the matter presently. The police has been involved, more girls from same school have come out to make useful statements, and one of the boys has already been identified and taken into custody. I hope he will be taught the lesson of his life, to serve as a deterrent to other street urchins.
We’re in serious trouble; all of us.
As you already know, many homes today are dysfunctional. Fathers and mothers bring children into the world and then abdicate responsibility. They show no motivation to culture character into children. They don’t really care that much; so boys and girls are left to pick up attitudes from the street.
This is why we must do something, and quickly too. If you’re reading this, with a sense of responsibility, please pick two schools around you and get actively involved in secondary school mentorship programme with your spare time; especially the public schools. Become a school visitor. Get your friends involved. Share the schools in your area amongst yourselves, and take over the area. This way, you’ll soon influence the street. Partner with the vision of people already into this business. Help to influence their character and change their dimension.
We will do this because the present set of boys and girls (especially the boys) in our public secondary schools, in my observation, have shown that they have nothing in their brains, except betting for football games, dressing impressively like gangsters, joining fraternities, luring their unsuspecting friends to where they’ll be gang-raped as an initiation into their fraternities, etc. Do they even have textbooks, not to talk of sitting down and reading them.
And yes, the girls too. Some of them, as innocent as they look, do hideous things behind closed doors. It is that serious.
I went to a public secondary school too, but things were a bit different then than now. We applied ourselves in the different school clubs: The debating clubs, JETS (Science) club, Press club, Cultural club, French club, etc. We went for competitions; and progressed from state to regional, and to federal levels. We inclined ourselves positively. Today, things are changing so fast.
If these present crop of secondary school boys are the people going to take over the future of this country, then there’s no future at all for this country. They’re all sick in their heads and need very urgent spiritual and psychosocial attention. If by any chance at all you come across one or two on the social media, just notice from what they post online that their lives are so empty.
We have to save this upcoming generation from descending into a cesspool. We have to decide today what tommorow will look like.
Good morning.

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