The uprising in Kharkov was suppressed by pro-government troops

4 years ago – Kharkov-city, Eastern Ukraine – a mass riot against new Maidan government, against Ukrainian nationalists and pro-EU liberals. The moment of storming the city administration, defended by cops and some Maidan nationalists.
The uprising in Kharkov was suppressed by pro-government troops, as well as in Odessa and some other cities. The faults of the rioters: storming and seizing some government buildings, they didn’t dare to storm police/army units (who were embarrassed and confused at the moment) and didn’t block railway stations to prevent the arrival of pro-government troops and nationalists mobilized from other regions (far-right football fans).
The anti-government rioters were eventually either arrested or had to retreat to Donbass, forming there one of the strongest units of Donbas rebels.

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