It is both my perspective and experience that we are immersed in a stratified unity of many orders of intelligence

∞ It is both my perspective and experience that we are immersed in a stratified unity of many orders of intelligence. Their nature and accessibility explosively surpass anything we have dreamed of as possibly existing in heaven, the sky, or elsewhere. In fact, the piercing irony is that our species, which is to say our kind of animal, is a direct expression of these intelligences. More, still… it is their »summation vehicle; a creature who, participating in »all of these strata, becomes something like a superposition. Yet this glorious possibility is everywhere co-opted, counterfeited, and sold back to us as models of reality and ideas that furiously deny both our understanding and access to the birthrights of our human incarnation.
A living world is the most astonishing ‘thing’ in all of timespace. Its natures are anciently, provocatively intelligent, and its organs… the living places and organisms… are the standing wave-body of relational intimacies whose age and sophistication are unimaginable. Yet our minds are made of the direct expression of these delicately profound histories and relationships. They have a story we have never been bold or perceptive enough to discover, and that ‘story of stories’ is the basis of every replacement-fiction we have become addicted to.
It is as if a living world is a crystalization of all of the possible modes and forms of intelligence »in all of time, happening ‘all at once’ in endless specific temporalities (speeds), bodies (local constellations of organisms and relationships) and… this activity emerges in our experience as »the possibility of minds such as ours. Our minds are born to ‘travel’ in a dimension we have overlooked: that of living intelligences. This ‘dimension’ leads to every place in time and being, it is intimately linked to every moment of every mind in all of time… and this is the gift of the world we actually inhabit, however crude or confused our understanding of this.
It is for this reason I say that although we are born and may acquire the minimal appearances of humanness … we are born as potential; incomplete. To become human we must discover our true nature, and this nature defies nearly all of our language, concepts and culture… explicitly, explosively, and continuously. We speak of progress or intelligence while producing the opposites; we hear of enlightenment or liberty… most often in the cages of ideas that, should we acquire them… will simply deprive us of these virtues. To become human we must discover, together, the actual nature of our living world and the histories and relationships that, from that world, gave birth to our minds.
We are pregnant with modes of intelligence we have never imagined. And all that we sought in heaven or ‘the future’ or space… is explicitly and passionately exceeded by that which, as a species, we ignore: the living libraries of our world, and the organisms and relationships that comprise them. These are, it turns out, extensions of our own bodies… and our minds are the summation vessels of their anciently conserved promise… and prodigy.

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I got my first job at 13-years-old so this year’s birthday will mark 20 YEARS I’ve been working in one capacity or another

I got my first job at 13-years-old so this year’s birthday will mark 20 YEARS I’ve been working in one capacity or another.
Encouraged by my mother, having a job at a young age gave me a strong work ethic and I still love making money – not in a horrible capitalist kind of way, money isn’t everything, but it is one hell of an enabler.
Having a job at 13 taught me what real roll-up-your-sleeves hard work is and how to value my worth.
Every teenager should experience real world work as it prepares you up for the harsh realities of real life and how to survive.

Press Release:, 4 Startups I’m Working With This Month:, 1

Press Release:
4 Startups I’m Working With This Month:
1. UK Startup Staylists Partners With Mail Travel To Launch Mail Breaks.
2. UK Lifestyle App Zaboo Gets To Number 1 In The App Store, Beating Tinder, Bumble And Snapchat.
3. Global Nomadic Launches 2018 Scholarship Fund With UK and US Universities.
4. FJF Jewellery Launches To Provide A New Kind Of Jewellery Experience.…/1HCysSbbRBseOPPDdb1Mt6EttcP…/edit…
Anna Silovsky Adrian Melrose Benjamin James Lambert Jessica Rsst Jeremy Freedman Florian-Julian Fichtinger

It’s all becoming easier

It’s all becoming easier. I can breathe.
I’ve spent so much of my life, pushing myself to succeed, believing that I needed to prove myself, prove my worthiness, prove my deservingness of ease, of joy, of prosperity.
I was fronting on the outside, breaking on the inside.
Yet something has happened.
I’m finding slowness. I’m finding stillness.
I’m finding spaciousness and richness in the moments where I prioritize pausing and feeling what is arising in me.
Noticing within myself:
I’m feeling sad. What do I need?
I’m overwhelmed. What’s happening inside of me?
I’m ecstatic. How do I create more of this in my life?
I have heard, for many years, that the key to more easefully magnetize and create that which I desire, is to do less.
I am surrendering.
Having resisted for so long, assuming that that mentality was something that was true for others, but not for me.
And yet now, I am here, witnessing the instantaneous response from the Universe about what is possible in my business and in my life when I prioritize joy.
More magic. More money. More joy. More peace.
More time and space to feel the tenderness and resilience of my being as it moves and flows through different states and colors on the spectrum of aliveness.
I am grateful, and excited, for all that is coming, and for all that is already here. Aho.

I find it fascinating that the people we most desire to connect with are often the people with whom we have the most difficulty being ourselves

I find it fascinating that the people we most desire to connect with are often the people with whom we have the most difficulty being ourselves. Yet the people that we feel no attraction or charge towards are the people with whom we feel most at ease in authentic expression, our wants and needs.
Imagine what it would feel like to be able to take the energy we experience with those that do not feel like “high stakes relationships” and transfer them to those relationships where it feels like something is at stake.
If we can be at ease in one dynamic, it is possible for us to find ease and flow in all dynamics. The only distinction is the story we create in our mind about why it’s not safe to be completely honest about who we are.
The key is to learn how to become masters of our own energetic state and inner world, so our emotional well-being is not determined by the people outside of us, but rather confidence and trust in our inner experience.
P.S. I’m running an Intimacy Energetics Workshop on Saturday, January 27th from 5-8pm at Heartspace Studios Fairfax, that teaches practices for staying grounded in our own bodies, boundaries and desires as we connect and cultivate intimacy with the opposite sex.
The workshop is open to 12 people (6 men, 6 women). Cost to attend is $100 per individual, $175 per couple. If you want to learn more, private message me and we can set up a time to connect. Reflections of people who’ve attended past workshops are in the comments below.

SAN DIEGO peeps, I’m hiring for a project

SAN DIEGO peeps, I’m hiring for a project. Please see below… :-)
Hello everyone! I have a job offer/project for the right person. I will pay between $500-1,000 for the initial phase, as described below. If successful, there is strong potential for future projects, as well.
– You’re a media producer, graphic designer, videographer, or online course creator, or all of the above. Or, you are a super-experienced, high-level virtual assistant, who truly understands the components of this project as described below, and you believe you can deliver. Ideally, you have created and uploaded your own online courses, or online courses for clients in the past.
– You are local to San Diego, and willing to meet in person and by phone initially, though the bulk of the work can be done remotely.
– You understand that although this project is "online-ish" in nature, I personally do as few things online as possible. I don’t Skype, I won’t email back and forth with you if we could be talking on the phone instead. You respect this, and don’t try to persuade me otherwise.
– You understand I’m hiring you largely to keep me away from the computer. If things like listening to my 2-minute voicemails frustrates you, then you are not the right person for this project.
Okay, all of that said…. here’s what you’d be doing:
– One of my companies is a foreign-language company called Functionally Fluent! –
– FF is currently selling Spanish books at three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. They are for sale on Amazon as print books –…
– Though the print books are selling well, an online course version is the natural next step, and will create deeper profits than "just books."
– Creating this online course should be easy. I’ve already designed the course, and the Power Point slides exist. It will not be hard to adapt these print books into e-books, and then add audio and video to create a full online course. The bulk of the work has been done.
So, where do you come in?
You’d be creating and uploading the online course, onto a platform that you will help me choose. You’ll take this project from A to Z, with "A" being the existing print-book version, to "Z" being slide/video/audio courses that are available online. You’ll be paid based on the completed product, not hourly. You’ll also be paid based on how much time you save me, so self-motivation, good judgment, and ease of communication between us is a "must."
Some of the steps include:
1) I need you to do the legwork and find the best online course platform for me (Digital Chalk? Litmos? Thinkific? Udemy? etc).
Criteria for best online course platform will be things like:
– Can I upload existing Power Points in one go, hassle-free?
– Existing Power Point slides for the course are vertical (portrait), not horizontal (landscape). Can you find an online course provider compatible with this? (Re-creating or reformatting my PPTs is not an option).
– Can audio and video be integrated into the PPT (that would be ideal), or need to be uploaded onto the platform as separate, synchronized files? (not ideal).
– I want an online course platform with good phone support. Not online, not chat, but PHONE support.
– I want an online course platform with reasonable pricing, and the lowest up-front cost.
– I want an online course platform that makes client payment easy, and can help us manage our customers (database, refunds, etc).
Part of your job is to find the platform that best matches these and other criteria, and to communicate with different companies (Udemy, Thinkific, Digital Chalk, etc) initially.
2) I would then need you to help me finish creating the course. The PPT slides are ready, but I still need to add audio and some video, in order to sell it as a course, and not just an e-book. You’d help me produce some or all of this.
3) I will also need help with pricing and marketing (my strengths, but additional support may be necessary.)
The scope of the project could be any of the following:
a) just the above – adapting three levels of Spanish books (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) into online courses. This is what corresponds to the $500-1000 quoted above.
b) if successful, we could move on to doing the same thing for courses for French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. As well as create niche courses (Spanish for Lawyers, Spanish for Healthcare, French for Travelers, etc). In other words, there is potential for the same project again (with new pay for you, of course) many times over…
c) all of the above, with your "eternal" support, whether marketing, virtual assistant, or even project management.
– I’m a seasoned entrepreneur. I own three companies/brands, in the areas of Foreign Language Education, Corporate Communications Training, and Business Coaching. I make good income – better than anyone I know, considering how few hours I work per week. The way I’m living my life is working nicely for me, including my commitment to live my life offline, yet making the Internet work for me – which is where YOU come in!
– All of that said, I’m actually quite tech-savvy. I have a strong background in SEO, web marketing, graphics, and know how to use email, social media, etc. I could in theory do this project on my own, and as such, I’ll be able to guide you, and I’ll "speak your language," don’t worry! But the point is I don’t want to do this on my own. I need YOU. And I’m happy to pay you.
– Please re-read this post. Make sure you fit all criteria (local, sensitive to my in-person and phone preference for communication, and with a strong background in online course creation or media production.)
– If you believe you are a good fit, please private message me, so we can exchange phone numbers and go from there. We’ll arrange a phone call and coffee meeting here in San Diego.
– Please also be prepared to provide at least two references (preferably local) from clients you’ve done similar projects for.
Many blessings to you, and I look forward to hearing back! (Please tag friends who are interested.) Gracias! Diana.If you want to know about fashion and beauty logos then click this link

Spend time reading this article

Spend time reading this article. It will help you improve yourself ;)
“The desire to achieve and to demonstrate perfection is not simply stressful; it can also be fatal, according to the British journalist Will Storr. His forthcoming book, “Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed and What It’s Doing to Us” (Overlook), opens, alarmingly, with a chapter on suicide. Storr is disturbed by the prevalence of suicide in the United States and Britain, and blames the horror and shame of failing to meet the sky-high expectations we set for ourselves. He cites surveys that show that adolescent girls are increasingly unhappy with their bodies, and that a growing number of men are suffering from muscle dysmorphia; he interviews psychologists and professors who describe an epidemic of crippling anxiety among university students yoked to the phenomenon of “perfectionist presentation”—the tendency, especially on social media, to make life look like a string of enviable triumphs. Storr confesses that he, too, is dogged by self-loathing and suicidal thoughts. “We’re living in an age of perfectionism, and perfection is the idea that kills,” he writes. “People are suffering and dying under the torture of the fantasy self they’re failing to become.”

“In the weeks after the spreadsheet was exposed, my life changed dramatically

“In the weeks after the spreadsheet was exposed, my life changed dramatically. I lost friends: some who thought I had been overzealous, others who thought I had not been zealous enough. I lost my job, too. The fear of being exposed, and of the harassment that will inevitably follow, has dominated my life since. I’ve learned that protecting women is a position that comes with few protections itself.”

How very, very quaint!!, Notwithstanding and nonetheless – “WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU “USEFUL” IDIOTS DURING EIGHT YEARS OF WHAT’S HIS NAME, the latest…

How very, very quaint!!
Notwithstanding and nonetheless – “WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU “USEFUL” IDIOTS DURING EIGHT YEARS OF WHAT’S HIS NAME, the latest among the ilk of the super-rich ex-U.S. Presidents?”
Oh. That’s right. THAT never happened during the 2009 to 2016 interregnum between Republican Presidents. Those were the years of Peaches and Cream. How soon we forget.

My friend Jane and her beau have a chicken ranch in the vicinity of Houston, Texas

My friend Jane and her beau have a chicken ranch in the vicinity of Houston, Texas.
Just so lovely, vivid, and poignant.
And filled with the Grace of Gaia…..
Jane Levan
4 hrs ·
The owl died yesterday afternoon.
He was on the ground outside the brooder when I went up in the morning, head drawn tightly to his neck, eyes closed and impervious to my presence. The pile of shavings provided a block to the cold north wind
I knew he was leaving.
Even the dogs, those fierce harriers of vultures and Inca doves cut him a wide berth.
For just a second I was tempted to get my camera but that seemed so disrespectful, so undignified.
We left him alone.
He and his mate were here when we bought the farm back in ’99. We heard them calling to each other across the pasture on the warm spring and fall nights when we left all the windows and doors wide open.
It’s a cliche to say that their cries were unworldly but they made me feel like I existed on the edge of the wild things.
Once we discovered him perched on a rafter in the old brooder, surveying the chicks all piled up in the corner in terror.
We caught him in the fishing net, he didn’t struggle and of course, we let him go.
We would spot him and his mate high in the trees or swooping across the field and it was always a gift to see them
The conversation became one-way and then stopped about two years ago.
His mate no longer replied when he called out.
I like to imagine that there is a Valhalla for the raptors, a big old barn with high cross beams, a wide pasture flush with mice and gophers and a stream of fresh clean water.
A place where the thermals always carry them high under the moon and the hunting is always fine.

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