Writing in 1870, from Dresden, at the time of French-German war, Dostoevsky comments:, “Oh, God, I wish you knew what a revulsion had Europe…

Writing in 1870, from Dresden, at the time of French-German war, Dostoevsky comments:
“Oh, God, I wish you knew what a revulsion had Europe produced in me during the last four years. We have so many stereotypes and fantasies about Europe. Isn’t this Russian a child (and almost all Russians are like that), who believes that the Prussians would win due to their education and schools. This is almost obscene. What kind of education is it, that robs and tortures, like the Attila’s horde? (Maybe even more than Attila)…
I read some letters of German soldiers from France to their mothers and fathers… Oh, God, what they write. How ill they are, how hungry… By the way, here is an observation: First, I did observe the patriotism of a crowd, but now it is gone. Those who got themselves into frenzy are professors, doctors, students, but not the common people. But professors are very proud of themselves. I meet plenty of them in a library. One, utterly gray and highly respected scholar, was screaming the other day: “Paris muss bombardiert sein!” That’s the results of their science and education. Well, if not education, then stupidity. Let them be scholars, they are terrible fools as well. Another observation: everybody here can read and write, but simultaneously they are ignorant, stupid, and given to the most base interests.”
Very sad observation, indeed. Common people know very well that hostility and war means hunger and deprivation for their sons. And they back off fast, once their children begin to suffer. But not the intellectual elite, who are more than happy to betray their calling and promote the most virulent hatred from the sidelines.

In case you didn’t know, the Arctic Ocean ice is going away at a rapid rate, and things could get dicey really quickly

In case you didn’t know, the Arctic Ocean ice is going away at a rapid rate, and things could get dicey really quickly. Things like life as we know it.
Things like most of what we take for granted.
To whom it may concern: this is no longer a hypothetical.
Those who can, should be doing. Although 10 years ago would have been a better starting point. Alarmist? Naw…
Those who have been FB friends with me for a long time can perhaps recall my entreaties to prepare by getting relocated to a place that suits survival possibilities for ‘hard times’… Research is your friend. And water is life. Pay attention. ~ djo

Ah yes, “Apple” – It’s been a while

Ah yes, “Apple” – It’s been a while…
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December 28, 2017 Laura Eisenhower, Kevin and I both felt a core strength returning after taking the C60 Purple Power

* December 28, 2017 Laura Eisenhower
Kevin and I both felt a core strength returning after taking the C60 Purple Power. It has kept us very well so far through the cold winter weather and is also helping our nervous systems calm and it is boosting our energy levels. We look forward to taking more, as we both feel it is bringing us improvement on all fronts with things that have been a challenge physically."
Lots and lots of Love, Laura
* December 28, 2017 Statement by Alfred Lambremont Webre
[Recommended by my MD Physician]
As you know, on October 26, 2017 I began using the C-60 “BuckyBall” in C60Purplepower.com to help heal my vision, specifically after a DEW attack on July 30, 2017 that gave rise to a “stroke” in my right eye.
Prior to my starting C-60, my ophthalmologist had warned that my vision was deteriorating and that he might have to recommend me for cataract surgery after my next quarter visit, scheduled for December 18, 2017.
After my Dec. 18 visit, I was able to write you: “I just got out of my eye doctor appt. A-OK! Vision greatly improved since last quarterly visit. Danger of cataract surgery has disappeared. All good! No need for check-up for another 6 months.
* 12/2017 Brooks Agnew
The C60 in coconut oil has no taste that I could discern. I asked that the trial bottle not come with any description of possible effects, so I could sense it for myself. The first thing I noticed is the profound clarity of thought. It not only enhanced my short-term memory, but it also seemed to make it easier to think rapidly. I did not experience any jitters or a speeding up of my metabolism. I did not experience sleeplessness or discomfort. The C60 is a good supplement for making it easier to recall and express information. I don’t think I have gotten that benefit from anything else I have tried. Thank you so much."
January 2018 S. Frank
* 12/2017 S. Stuart, 54
I received my C60 Purple Power early October, and literally as I was beginning a cold that I could tell would be a doosy! I’ve had colds like this before, and they normally last 8-10 days, with a bad cough, body aches and a sinus infection. I thought ‘well, now we shall see if this miracle elixir really works!’ I was badly needing the cold to end as I was leaving on a much anticipated trip in 7 days, and so thrilled to see that the main symptoms of my cold were gone in 3 days! I had the residual sniffles and coughs, but NOT the body aches, hacking cough and total weariness that I would normally have had for another week. I am happy to testify that C60 works, and although it does all kinds of wonderful things, most people would be happy if it just ended their colds that quickly!
* 1/11/18 S. Carlson
Right now, I can say that I feel better than I have in a long time. My energy level is way up and my mental clarity is so much better. I haven’t been taking it long but I expect to just feel better and better. I have noticed my legs cramps have dissipated as well. It works on so many levels. You don’t think of all the ways until one day you think, "hey. I don’t have ‘such and such’ anymore. My husband will be joining me on this journey as well as soon as he gets through some personal medical issues. I will def do a follow-up statement after a while 
* 1/11/18 M. Elias
Thank you scientist Ken! I was able to go back to work as a massage therapist and got my life back together after taking C60 for a few weeks, and now I’m pain free on my joints and muscles, feeling happier and my brain is sharper. I’m 52, I love C60 and I’ll take it for the rest of my life! I’m eternally grateful to you. Thanks Patty! Great interview. Much love to you from Maui, Aloha.
* Jan 2018 – P. Kelly
I received the C60 Purple Power as a gift, and after only a few weeks have noticed a marked decrease in my allergies; an increase and stability in my energy over the day; skin that was threatened by pre-cancerous red spots is healing and becoming smooth and clear; better sleep and much greater ability to remember my dreams; and an improvement in my eyesight. I’m going to keep going with it and see.
* Jan 2018 Jessica M, age 41
A friend recently gifted me a bottle of C60 Purple Power. I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon in the morning for over 90 days now. I’ve noticed my usual symptoms of PMS have disappeared. I haven’t had any cramps since taking C60 and any hormonally induced mood swings I previously experienced, have completely leveled out. I’m no longer experiencing emotional highs and lows during the month — my mood feels consistent and stable. With C60, I’ve noticed I feel emotionally stable and balanced, I have a general sense of well being and on most days, I feel very optimistic.

However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take vietnam cambodia tours to make your trip more exciting.

Bike trip on Pike’s Peak with Brandon

Bike trip on Pike’s Peak with Brandon. You’d think it would all be down hill, but there are 2 locations going down where the road goes upward, and steeply. One is near the top at about 14,000 ft. Afraid of looking and being old, I pedaled the bike up that! All the way to the top! OMG! I was 52, haven’t rode in years, smoked cigarettes for some 35 years, just recently had quit, 14,000 ft, and I did it!! Then I had to stop and wait for everyone else because everyone else got off and walked up. Everyone including the thrill seekers in their 20’s who must have been panting away as they walked their bikes up, watching and thinking "Whoa! Look at that old dude go!" "I’ll bet he ends up needing an ambulance!" There was a moral to this story. It’s great to kick ass! But don’t be stupid.

However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take a Halong Bay junk boat to discover more new things.
To discover more things around the world, please visit the site: http://www.halongbay-junk-boat.com/cruises/ginger-junk.html
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Vietnam Folk Musics

 Peace is famous land with many folk festivals bearing national identity. Muong people have many agricultural festivals such as the bronze festival, the rain festival, the hunting festival, the fishing festival, the rice washing ceremony, the new rice ceremony, the masking ceremony, embellishments … festivals in the Muong area do not bring the nature of Assembly that is mainly directed to rituals. 
In Hoa Binh, there are no large, massive festivals with the participation of crowds of people with costumes, gifts and equipment, and the same rules as festivals of the Kinh people in the lowlands. There are spring mountain festival or romance market that earnest of the Mong people in the northwest … However, the community of ethnic groups living in Hoa Binh, especially the Muong, also have their own festival bold culture. Is it because the population density of the Muong, Dao and Thai ethnic groups here is usually concentrated in individual, seemingly closed, but their festivals are usually not large scale, not excel, away from the area they live in. Even Muong people are divided into four main Muongs, having certain autonomy in each place, making it somewhat confined. 


An entertainment event in the Festival of Muong Bi
An entertainment event in the Festival of Muong Bi
The Muong, Kinh, Thai, Dao, Mong people in Hoa Binh do not have any big scale festivals. However, their festivals such as the festival season (in bronze), charms, gongs, bamboo swing … no less special and contain many human meaning.
Festival of ethnic groups in Hoa Binh is associated with the specific characteristics of geography, nature and social life of the communities that existed here for a long time. The Muong communities have very close relationships with the Vietnamese and have had a rich culture that many nuances still hold to this day. That culture has made a great contribution to the culture of HB has become a cultural phenomenon recognized by the world. Here are some typical festivals in Hoa Binh: 
Festival of the Muong people: This is a very popular festival of the Muong people, like the festival of Tay people in Ngan, Cao Bang, Ha Giang … purpose of the ceremony. Assembly is to pray for the harvest of a prosperous New Year, lucky. At the same time, the practice of rituals is also a chance for the Muong people to rest, entertain and express their aspirations for a beautiful and peaceful life. This festival usually takes place at the beginning of spring, such as Muong Bi, Luy village, Tan Lac district, Muong Chieng district, Muong Tom commune, Tan Lap commune, Lac Son district.
Muong festival of charity: this festival means carrying a gong, a fun entertainment is held on the occasion of New Year in the Muong village to wish each other good luck. In addition to other happy occasions, people also have the charms to welcome guests from far away, build a new home, welcome to mulberry or other happy occasions. 
Muong Festival for the Season: Typical Festival of the season in Muong Vang, Lac Son, is the festival of the season of 7 communes in the Republic. Festivals originated from the past when the bugs appeared to break the crop, the corridors in the group meeting to discuss the organization. There are five worms much, after the ceremony, natural birds have flocked to the field to catch the worms, making the rice clean deep but good fresh from which people believe in the festival of the season. This year is usually celebrated. 
Temple Festival: This festival is the most involved and largest of the Kinh people in Hoa Binh, the festival is a symbol of solidarity of the three ethnic Kinh – Muong – Dao living on the strip of Hoa Binh with Vietnam Folk Musics. Shrine or Bo Waterfall is a famous historical city, not only there is a temple, but also a market Bo was once the name of the capital. Legend has it that in 1431- 1432, King Le Loi went to Muong Festival (Son La) to take part in the battle against the invaders. Among them were Dinh Thi Van of Muong and a Dao woman who assisted the king in military matters, boat rafts, and so on. Temple. Since then, people here have held annual conferences on the 7th of January to commemorate the two women and gods. 
At present, this relic and festival attracts crowds of visitors from the bottom upward, the festival becomes a month-long, visitors can both enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as spiritual activities. guide. 
There are also many other festivals such as Muong rain praying festival, Muong rice leaf washing festival, Hang Pagoda festival, new rice ceremony of the Thai people, tongue ceremony, ceremonies of Thai people, ceremony Thai gong festival … with great spiritual and folk appeal.

Big Brother needs to know

Big Brother needs to know…
“Are you sowing discord and divisiveness online? Criticism of America only creates fear and doubt and aids the enemies of our Empire. This isn’t a time for satire or mental shenanigans, blind allegiance and loyalty are required. Be careful of what you say and cautious as to who you say it to, especially online. The fate of America may lie in your next post!” ~ John R Gowen

What if relationship was a practice, and intimacy was by design? TODAY at 3pm PST I’ll continue that thread by speaking on “The Trap of Modern Day…

What if relationship was a practice, and intimacy was by design? TODAY at 3pm PST I’ll continue that thread by speaking on “The Trap of Modern Day Romance” on The Becoming Love Telesummit, hosted by Tamala Baldwin.
What I’ve found along my personal and professional path is that people who are drawn towards spiritual growth feel limited by the box that society has created for what it means to be in “romantic relationship”. We desire a new way to engage in intimacy and connection where we don’t have to shut down aspects of who we are to experience true fulfillment in relationship.
Register for free at www.becomingloveproject.com and tune LIVE at 3pm PST as I wax poetic about a new model for intimate relationship.

TONIGHT from 7:30-9:30pm at Heartspace Studios Fairfax, I’ll be hosting Essential Intimacy: An Evening of Authentic Connection Games

TONIGHT from 7:30-9:30pm at Heartspace Studios Fairfax, I’ll be hosting Essential Intimacy: An Evening of Authentic Connection Games. (And FYI, It will be the last in-person event I hold in the Bay Area for several months).
✨This gathering is a place to come and practice removing the masks that we’ve been conditioned to wear by society–telling us who to be and how to be in order to experience the love and connection we’re yearning for.
✨It’s a place to explore vulnerability, judgment, and desire, all within a safe and structured container of love and approval for who you truly are.
✨I understand that this work can be scary, confronting, or overwhelming at times–I get it. One secret I want to share is that I’m terrified of intimacy also, which is why I do and teach this work–to create a conscious user manual for navigating the nuanced art of intimacy and connection.
✨I’ll tell you another secret–I do this work of vulnerability, intimacy and connection in community and in my relationships because of how these practices have completely transformed the way I manifest my reality.
✨In fact, I’m about to leave for an epic 3 month adventure that is a direct reflection of the intimacy work I’ve been committed to over the past 3 years…and I’ll share more about that with you next week.
✨This will be the last in-person event I hold in the Bay Area until May, so if you are curious and want one last opportunity to experience these intimate gatherings before I depart on my journey, I invite you to come out and play.
Link to RSVP and read details for the gathering is in the comments below.

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