There is no characteristic about a particular generation, or nothing about living during a specific time, that made it easier to live for Christ

There is no characteristic about a particular generation, or nothing about living during a specific time, that made it easier to live for Christ. Your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc., were all at one point young with their whole lives before them, and facing the same choice — “Do I live my life for me, or for Jesus?”. There are (of course) swings in societies and cultures that make it more or less acceptable to be RELIGIOUS, but dying to self has always, and will always, carry the same price tag in every generation. You cannot blame the sophistication of the times you live in, or the (supposed) unsophistication of the past, as a reason not to follow Jesus. If you live for self it is because YOU have chosen to do so, and the rewards and consequences for the way we choose has never, and will never, change.

Heading to #UNForumBHR United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights this week in Geneva ? Come along to only panel and snapshot presentation…

Heading to #UNForumBHR United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights this week in Geneva ? Come along to only panel and snapshot presentation reflecting role of the private sector and #UNGPs in dealing with human rights of #LGBTI people. We will discuss how different companies respect and promote their #humanrights. Be agents of change in your community. #Biz4LGBTI Tuesday, 13:30, Room XX at Palais des Nations

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I only had the honor of connecting with Dee-Dee Gee once, and it was in complete silence

I only had the honor of connecting with Dee-Dee Gee once, and it was in complete silence. During their piece Unspoken at Pieter Performance Space. An intimate, one on one, nonverbal interaction between two people. I will never forget this experience as it impacted me profoundly. I had hoped we could connect again in person and bring into words all that we had shared in silence. It breaks my heart to know that they are now gone. Rest In Power sacred one.

If we want to have truly satisfying intimate relationships (especially those of a sexual or romantic nature), we need to get real about the fact that…

If we want to have truly satisfying intimate relationships (especially those of a sexual or romantic nature), we need to get real about the fact that most of us are playing out a role (or multiple roles).
Roles that have us conceal our desires, violate our own boundaries, and suppress who we are just enough to fit into a box of who’ve been told we must be in order to “make relationship work”.
The effort to “make relationship work” in this context, is a fear-based approach to intimacy that is ultimately death to our soul. An outdated conditioning to hide who we are, in order to maintain the illusion of love.
For anything that requires us to hide or stifle who we are in order to be loved is no love at all. It’s manipulation, resignation, complacency, or spiritual narcolepsy (thank you David Vondracek for this apropos term).
I’m interested in relationships that shatters all limiting concepts of who I was once told to believe myself to be. I’m interested in relationships that having me howling in ecstasy or investigating the nature of my reality.
I’m interested in relationships that are a pathway towards my own sublime awakening to the truth that I create absolutely *everything* that I attract into my life. I am the game maker, not just a pawn on the board.
How might your relationships change, how might your life change, if you examined the unconscious roles that you play?


Religious literature describes Babylon as a corrupt and degenerate society bound to self destruction, because of its corruption level. Strangely, the society in question is a photo copy of contemporary culture, something many religious fanatics refuse to accept. The name Babylon is a direct derivative of the word BIBLEN, which means people of the bible; as AMERICAN would mean people of America. The word PREACH is nothing but a euphemism for BABBLE, also known to many as SPEAKING in tongues, hence BABBLING, Acts 2: 3. It is now clear why Arabian culture does not say Christian or Jew, it calls them PEOPLE OF THE BOOK; this book is of course, the bible, Qur’an 29:46. On the other hand, the word Babylon is pronounced A-BABIL in the Muslim Qur’an 105:3. Babylon is known by many other names, Sodom/Gomorra, Jericho (New York, Zurich), New Jerusalem, Nod (Cain), etc. The issue is that they’re so many nick names that these have overwhelmed many, making it appear that they are many. Literature is basically a test of our intellectual capacity. Do we still want to hand over the education of our children to Caucasians? What Jew in his/her right mind would send their children to be educated by Hitler or Himler? Take valid 

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It Tims birthday today

……..It Tims birthday today, my childrens daddy recently died and I told them you will see him again one day. The soul never dies. Our spirit is eternal. Our body’s stop and rest in peace until God comes back , to be absent from the body is to be present with God..but you can talk to God and tell him how you feel…no one ever dies , our spirits are eternal….our ghost leaves our bodys….in the end of time we all rise again, God destroys all evil from the earth, God will one day destroy evil and people will have a new body and there will be a new heaven and a new earth..Tim had told me he was sorry, I understood but all said and done it was the ones fault that encouraged it and instigated it….it wouldnt have been so hard between us all if the cruel people had t interfered including the courts, its all about lawyers winning a case and it hurts the children and it causes annimosity and bitterness but in our cases it was the ones around here that i told on prior to it happening, using him to abuse me as a fact is what happened but he never said anything bad about me as a mama, he just didnt want me to move. It was lawyers covering for their clients crimes that were involved and it was because imhad told on charles goodwin, it was the sexual harrasment cases going on and lawyers that took adnpvantage of the situation and a few others around here that jumped right in it tomsee me lose everything, they took it as a chance to hurt me, make me look bad and punish me because they weree mad.. so much went on that shouldnt have. Ive always blamed the ones that knew better and the lawyers, its sad that ive had to fight alone in the courts and for so long and when i was mad it was the anger and hurt that was back then but i had to defend it,its taking many more years of our lives
. Ive had to hold on to it because of the courts stealing my files, the lawyer abuses and the ones covering the crimes of the county and state and its sad because they knew what happened was wrong and all of them coulda stopped it and coulda fixed it at the time instead its caused us all years of pain and recent ,even the ssa let the corrupt state attorneys commit crime withholding evidence that incrimidated the, all and i had filed in 96 when i was fired for reporting sexual harrasment to plant manager and so many were mean and cruel to me about it and caused me to even lose my un employment by calling and saying that i applied twice at the same place ,my doctor told me to file for social security, i was having convulsive migraines and she filled out forms to pay my five finance companies, lowes and jc pennys….then south carolina attcked me and sent all their bald faced lies to the greenwood aocial security to cause my four boys not to each get a check off tims social security to help them when I was physically sick and eve wilson poole of dss sent ot and was in conversations with frank addy and ithers and they deliberatly caused us hardships, and covered up their crimes, ive got my files and dss in columbia got eve wilson poole out of it, thelma woody adminover it gave me a notorized statement to say they had nothing to do with it, it was marion johnson, charles goodwin eve wilson poole don morris swho was soon arrested by fbi for pedofile, and it was townes jones and frank addy of prosecutors office jones the solicitor, andrew hodges and tim woolston, then later judge mcgowan and they put it over in family court and told judge rucjer what to do and it was all only because i was moving and that was no e of their business but they all told me tahat, they said theymwould drop it if i moved my residence back to abbeville, same tact she learned from kathrine phillips whomtrained her, jones trained the corrupt prosecutors their tricks of the trade and its a long story years of living hell just to cover the crimes of local and county ans state and sc gov david beasly up for re election, you should know the story by now, they broke in my house out at the cabin knowing we had been living here and i did even stopill have power on but they flat out told bald faced lies on me then caused my children hardships just so no one would onow what theymdid and so i couldnt get back on my feet they hurt my children and all of us…and i recently sued them and the us attorneys lued and wont give me my onset files back to that time causing us more damages, the put lies in themrecent files in greenwood so they can destroy what i need and get my boys what they shoulda had back then and all thru school, yet they had to borrow money from sc student loans deep in debypt but they paid their own way thru school. So much cruelty around here because of these awful people..before tim died apover a year before he cried and told me he was sorry. and it wa ps ok between us.. i have to tell what happened but ive always blamed this corrupt court system,….and the bullys that just wanted to see me shamed to death,spiteful jealous people..they can hide it and lie but i know who all was in it, for spite Click joe’s new balance coupon code..

I wake with a jolt and bolt upright as two low flying crows jet past just above my head

Seaburn – Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear
I wake with a jolt and bolt upright as two low flying crows jet past just above my head. Spittles of light rain wash my face, I sit meditating under the outdoor roof shelter of Minchella’s Ice Cream when Paul just walks up and drops £2 on the table. Susan arrives for pre-opening prep and sees me on my way with toasties and tea before opening for the day.
Dense rain clouds stroud the earth, the muddy coast path eases past Whithorn, alongside the Wherry, and by-passes the ringed Soulter Lighthouse. A boisterous sea bashes the cliffs faces of the Leas Bays; the path turns Lizard Point, onto the coast road where I catch Grant – we run together for a bit. He’s a big man returning from injury, runs with the South Shields Harriers and did a half Iron Man yesterday – I’m quietly in awe. I stop, work and eat at the Sand Dancer on South Shields beach when Gill and Brian, fellow local club runners who’ve picked up Grants facebook post, arrange to meet me in the Dancer at 4pm. They’ve been running since last September, Gill has lost over 4st since then, looks in great shape, and together we chatter, have great fun, by-passer Charlie takes our photo and later donates, and Brian films Gill and I. At the 700 year old ferry crossing Grant is waiting with running wife Sarah, plus gels and fruit, my ticket and a donation to our cause. Under the overcast fog-on-the-Tyne they wave me off to North Shields where little Kieran picks up my rucksack, says ‘God it’s heavy’ then ‘One day I’ll carry this’ – a joyous time, all lovely people.
Uplifted, I run the North Tyne shore, past an imposing statue of Nelson’s boss at Trafalgar, Admiral Collingwood, then as I turn north, chat to a waiting couple. A young man is about to arrive from a nine day, cross-country walk along Hadrians Wall. Mum, dad, wife and child are all there to greet him. I move on, not wanting in any way my efforts to spoil his sense of achievement as it often does when people compare. Around the corner a van with ‘Daft As A Brush’ written sits alongside a group of people. The charity, founded by Brian Bursie, organises transport to and from hospitals in the North East for cancer patients needing radio and chemo therapy. Brian plans to walk the coast of Britain from next March. He donates £40 to Ecologia, and our brief, respectful conversation and handshake carried for a moment a rare, rich mutuality.
I eat at Gibralter Rock, then push on north to Whitley Bay, running a while in the street-lit dark with Ruth whose training 3 times per week for the Great North Run half marathon in September. She caps a lovely day, and sends my whereabouts on to her fb chums. I check out the Grand Hotel in Tynemouth, to try my luck for a free bed to no avail, and spot the exquisite staircase. With light rain finishing the day where it began, after 14 miles I camp down on the cliff edge, quite uncomfortable but just too tired to care.
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4 days in Myanmar

On his 4 days in Myanmar trip, Trump took a dig at the new Prime Minister of New Zealand for becoming her country’s head of state while leading a party that did not win a majority. "I pointed out that no-one had marched over my election to office," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

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