OKAY, many of you have probably heard of the Bitcoin craze

OKAY, many of you have probably heard of the Bitcoin craze. I have to be honest, I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard of and I passed…multiple times! Probably one of my bigger financial mistakes.
The key to a lot of financial opportunities is to get in EARLY and in this case, I know someone who I trust emphatically and I decided to take a chance. I think it’s too risky to NOT take a risk on this one. I thought if she is doing this, I gotta take my shot ;-)!
If you have been waiting and/or just don’t know much about the Crytocurrency space, this may be your chance. I took it and am excited to see where it takes me and others who “see” the opportunity. It’s producing RECORD sales and I for one am pretty pumped up about it! Wouldn’t surprise me if this doesn’t grow 5x in the next 90-120 days.
What do you have to lose? Don’t look back on this moment and say “man, I wish I had jumped in when…”
Let’s make some duckies together!

where to go in vietnam

Moulded cake is a folk dish of the Vietnamese. There are two types of food: cold or hot food and each dish will bring a completely different taste. If the cooled cake has a sweet taste of the powder, a little crunchy, the smell of peanuts and the sweet, sweet when the dots are thick with the sauce, hot cake is a mold that in it, from color, aesthetics The taste is very different.

This dish is very soft, smooth with flour, sweet coriander, delicious fish sauce, sweet taste of bone water, minced meat, add crispy fennel ear and a bit soft, elegant odor of tofu. A popular dish but a perfect combination of a lot of materials, bring in the fullness of the five harmonious. The food is not so much to eat, for the people of Hanoi, it is a gift from rice that people just want to eat, just enough to feed their minds, long time to crave.
Moulded cake is a combination of many ingredients with harmonious color
Moulded cake is a combination of many ingredients with harmonious color

The hot Moulded cake in Hanoi, the most famous is a rustic restaurant hidden in a lane at the top of Le Ngoc Han street (Hai Ba Trung district). The food is as old as its longevity. Road to the small shop, guests have to have to return the car at the lane for the owner. 

Inside the restaurant is a quiet space, only aesthetic factors, looks like the lady here is not so busy so the tables, chairs are like a long time ago. And that, diners do not complain. Pham Thi Noi, owner of the restaurant, shared: "Rainy days, guests often stamping out constantly." Open from 8 am but every day, her grandparents and children in the house must also serve up to 8 pm.

 The strange thing is that this has been going on for 30 years. 30 years, the time is so long that for other normal food store, sometimes have to change the job but with this cake shop Le Ngoc Han is not. For 30 years things are still the same. Every 30 years, every morning, grandma still expensive as usual. 

Moulded cake here are quite cheap, only 15,000 VND / bowl with enough cake, broth, tofu and pork fried coriander meat, onion flowers. Many people compliment that the food here is very good, just down the mouth. Piece of cake is always soft, tough and flexible. When preparing to serve guests, the owner usually take the cake first and then the meat later but when the calf to enjoy the dessert, pieces of bread, meat and water as mixed in each other. Let’s explore Where to go in Vietnam with us

"The cake here is the best I have ever eaten, plastic, fragrant and a lot of fried fennel ear," said Thu Huong, a diner here. Similarly, Mr. Minh (living in Tran Nhan Tong Street) confided: "To eat a bowl is very much because the owner has many meat, many bread. Come to the bar you have to eat a lot, turned out not, just one bowl only (laughs). 

"Although the price escalated but for a long time, I still maintain the price of 15,000 VND, only enough to make a profit.I want to maintain the price, I have to call all children in the house to work, "The grandmother talked about how to maintain the price of baked goods is classified as" delicious – cheap. " 

She said, before the shop is located on the road but for many reasons have retreated deep hidden in the alley. The number of guests has decreased, but at peak hours, people come to eat often seated. Her guests are diverse, from students to students to freelance workers or intellectual workers. She called the returnees to be patrons and just glimpsed what they liked to eat. 

"There are a lot of visitors coming here from the time of the white shirt, many years away from work, have the opportunity to come back here and remind the old story. This also gives me a lot of joy mixed up, "she shared. 

Regarding how to make the cake, grandmother said that it is a "secret" passed down generations in her family. "I remember learning to make cakes from my grandmother’s time, it’s hard to say that easy, it’s easy, it’s the formula that many people know, another way to reduce the other will give another flavor," The hostess spoke in a modest voice.

 According to her, in the past, bowls of castings often only cake and tofu. "At that time, it was hard, so full of meat as now.


Haplessly “hoping”

Haplessly “hoping”…
“There are some people who think the Democratic Party can be reformed from within by changing the personnel. I say good luck to that. What’s happened in the last twenty years? They’ve gotten more entrenched. Get rid of Pelosi, you get Steny Hoyer. You get rid of Harry Reid, you get [Charles] Schumer. Good luck.
Unfortunately, to put it in one phrase, the Democrats are unable to defend the United States of America from the most vicious, ignorant, corporate-indentured, militaristic, anti-union, anti-consumer, anti-environment, anti-posterity [Republican Party] in history.”

If you need this, folks, please copy and paste

If you need this, folks, please copy and paste.
Alright everyone the GOP has postponed their vote on the #TaxReform. I urge you all to pick up the phone tomorrow and call these senators to urge them to #VoteNO. Be polite, leave your name and zip code, but most importantly CALL!!!
• Jeff Flake (AZ-R) 202-224-4521
• Susan Collins (ME-R) 202-224-2523
• James Lankford (KS-R) 202-224-5754
• Bob Corker (TN-R) 202-224-3344
Here is an example script:
Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a concerned citizen from [CITY, ZIP].
I’m calling to urge [REP/SEN NAME] to oppose the Senate tax plan, which would create a massive deficit and pay for huge tax cuts for corporations by cutting government assistance to the neediest Americans. It is clear this bill is designed to help the rich, not middle-class taxpayers.
Thank you for your hard work answering the phones

this is imperative

this is imperative. please click on this link and write a message to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley telling them that the U.S. and the United Nations must take a strong stance when it comes to investigating, condemning, and ending the Libyan slave trade. thank you Leslie S. Mah for sharing

Paula Densnow, 2 hrs ·, There was a line in Trump’s Inauguration speech last January that echoed just about every president I can remember

Paula Densnow
2 hrs ·
There was a line in Trump’s Inauguration speech last January that echoed just about every president I can remember.
”We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.”
Although we have always sought to impose our way of life on everyone, the idea that we are some shining city on the hill that the world should admire and follow is pretty standard boilerplate, as well as a meme believed by millions of Americans.
So, here we are, naked and shivering in the light of the day after the third major tax cut for the wealthy in the last 36 years.
Behold, world! Behold what happens to a country when the citizens let the wealthy take hold of their government, and use it for their own further enrichment.
Behold the crumbling factories, the boarded up warehouses, the homeless Americans shivering on the streets, the empty rotting houses, the schools turned into prison pipelines, the millions already in prison, the police armed like the military, patrolling the potholed streets, shooting citizens at will, the massive spying on and distrust of the citizens, the 60 hour workweeks.
Let this be a lesson to you! This is what will happen if you allow the 1% to usurp your government.
And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Jesus warns us that Satan desires to sift (separate) us, in order to weaken us

Jesus warns us that Satan desires to sift (separate) us, in order to weaken us. That’s why He commissioned Peter to “strengthen” his brothers, after he himself had been restored. This season, if you’re struggling, feeling spiritually beaten, depressed, or hurting, understand that it’s not just about weakening you in the moment – there is an all out assault going on to diminish your ability to fulfill God’s purposes for your life. You and I were created to live a connected life, and if you’re not experiencing that, I invite you to get linked up with a local body of believers this Christmas season, or to rededicate yourself to genuine attachment. The more connected we are, the stronger we are, and the more joy we experience. I pray that you walk in a greater measure of joy than you have ever known before.

It is essential that women choose to claim and heal our relationships with sexuality, men, and power

It is essential that women choose to claim and heal our relationships with sexuality, men, and power.
One of the most common challenges women share with me is that they lose themselves in relationship with men.
Imagine the metaphor of sailing along in our own ship on the ocean, and then jumping off of our ship with no life-line back, in order to swim aboard the ship of the man we are dating or interested in.
It’s like that. Just like that.
And here’s the thing, these aren’t “weak” women.
These are clear, empowered, strong, independent, passionate women. But once an intimate or sexual relationship with a man enters into their life, it’s as if the connection to their power, their direction and their intuition disappears.
And this isn’t an isolated experience of a few women. This is a collective experience that runs deep into women’s psyches. We didn’t create it. It was conditioned into us long ago by a society who didn’t trust the wild nature of our power.
It isn’t our fault. There is no need to feel shame. But there is a need to recognize and take ownership for it if we desire to free ourselves from it.
Why is this important?
If women are in the habit of losing ourselves when in relationship with a man, it inevitably impacts our belief in our ability to consciously create an empowered reality.
A reality where the woman 100% knows and embodies her ability to take care of her needs and fulfill her deepest desires for pleasure, prosperity, freedom and connection.
Our sexuality and personal power our inextricably connected. We cannot have full access to one if we shut of access to another. And shame is the kryptonite that shuts them down.
Shame for our bodies, shame for our desire, shame for our appetite for sex, shame for our capacity for pleasure.
As women, it is essential that we learn how to be in relationship with men while staying connected to our sexuality and power.
Our relationships depend upon it. Our lives depend on it. Our joy depends on it.
I coach women to release and transform these patterns:
• Shutting down your sexuality or your desires to make the man/men you’re in relationship with comfortable.
• Disconnecting from or invalidate your intuition because your male partners don’t understand or agree.
• Abandon or losing yourself in order to fully immerse yourself in his world and “make things work”.
• Feeling excessive anxiety or an inability to focus on other areas of your life if your relationship is rocky.
• Settling for agreements or rules in a relationship that have you feel repressed, resentful, or like a victim.
I am scheduling 8 conversations with women over the next 10 days who are willing, ready and serious about making these changes in their lives.
These will be 75-minute video calls, where I’ll ask you poignant questions that give me an inside look into your life–who you are, what you deeply desire, and what blocks or challenges are getting in the way.
At the end of the call, if I feel 100% positive I can support you in achieving your desires, and we both feel 100% turned on about doing work together, we will talk about what private coaching work looks like.
Please only sign up for a conversation with me if you feel a clear readiness and desire to engage in coaching work at this time in your life. You will transform. Your life will never be the same. It will be absolutely amazing. And it will require *all* of you to show up.
To schedule a conversation with me, please private message me, and I’ll send you a brief intake form to fill out. Once you submit the form, I’ll send you a link to my online calendar and we’ll schedule a time to talk.
These conversations are first come, first serve. I’m excited to speak with you.

I have space open for one more woman and one more man to join the Intimacy Workshop I’ll be running this Sunday (12/3) in Fairfax, CA

I have space open for one more woman and one more man to join the Intimacy Workshop I’ll be running this Sunday (12/3) in Fairfax, CA. It’s designed for those wanting to cultivating advanced skills in communicating desires, boundaries, and increasing receptivity from the opposite sex.
The Intimacy Workshop runs from 5-8pm, and costs $75. PM me if you are interested and we’ll set up a time to connect and see if it’s a good fit.