“We are sexually repressed

“We are sexually repressed. And we are particularly repressed in the area that relates the to the psychedelic experience.”
“Authority is a lie and an abomination. Authority will lead you into ruin. It’s not real. What is real is experience. What is real is this moment.”
“It empowers the individual. It dissolves the cheerful model of science. It enriches the accessible universe ten-fold. It makes the individual complete within herself.
“Being complete within oneself extremely destructive to the plan of the dominators, which is that you will be a cog in a machine.”
“We have bought into the idea that we have to serve or else chaos will engulf the world. We thrive in chaos.”
“I believe that a society on the brink of social breakdown is the healthiest for individuals.”

“The president* presented his national security strategy on Monday

“The president* presented his national security strategy on Monday. That strategy seems to consist primarily of his impression of his own obvious greatness. The speech was fat with banalities that he struggled to pronounce, vague policy prescriptions that he struggled to enunciate, and sheer unmitigated bafflegab that he struggled to deliver. Plus sniffing and gasping and a two-handed death-grip on a small glass of water. The president* himself sounds worse than his rhetoric does, and that boggles the mind.” …baffleagab! the asterisks, love this.

The news is a parade of trauma, a surreal Orwellian dystopian drama

The news is a parade of trauma, a surreal Orwellian dystopian drama. They’re coming for us all, for the journalists, the scientists, the facts. We’re all cast as antagonists in this play with no acts, wherein a mad man believes he is a king, seeking to destroy everyone, everything. How will it end, will the arc bend slowly toward justice? Or will it break, and does it depend on just us, and if it does, well then, can we trust us.

Big story

Big story. Potential obstruction of Justice here.
Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, the intelligence committee chairman, said in an interview this week that Mr. Trump told him that he was eager to see an investigation that has overshadowed much of the first year of his presidency come to an end.
“It was something along the lines of, ‘I hope you can conclude this as quickly as possible,’” Mr. Burr said. He said he replied to Mr. Trump that “when we have exhausted everybody we need to talk to, we will finish.”

I interviewed Wesley Snipes, the star of New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump and The Blade Trilogy

I interviewed Wesley Snipes, the star of New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump and The Blade Trilogy. I asked him for his best career advice and he said…
“Apprentice under masters of the craft. Roll with the winners. Pray with the pastors and hang with the “heavy hitters”. Let them feed you education and inspiration. These are the life-vest you’ll need to get through rough waters.”

OKAY, many of you have probably heard of the Bitcoin craze

OKAY, many of you have probably heard of the Bitcoin craze. I have to be honest, I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard of and I passed…multiple times! Probably one of my bigger financial mistakes.
The key to a lot of financial opportunities is to get in EARLY and in this case, I know someone who I trust emphatically and I decided to take a chance. I think it’s too risky to NOT take a risk on this one. I thought if she is doing this, I gotta take my shot ;-)!
If you have been waiting and/or just don’t know much about the Crytocurrency space, this may be your chance. I took it and am excited to see where it takes me and others who “see” the opportunity. It’s producing RECORD sales and I for one am pretty pumped up about it! Wouldn’t surprise me if this doesn’t grow 5x in the next 90-120 days.
What do you have to lose? Don’t look back on this moment and say “man, I wish I had jumped in when…”
Let’s make some duckies together!

where to go in vietnam

Moulded cake is a folk dish of the Vietnamese. There are two types of food: cold or hot food and each dish will bring a completely different taste. If the cooled cake has a sweet taste of the powder, a little crunchy, the smell of peanuts and the sweet, sweet when the dots are thick with the sauce, hot cake is a mold that in it, from color, aesthetics The taste is very different.

This dish is very soft, smooth with flour, sweet coriander, delicious fish sauce, sweet taste of bone water, minced meat, add crispy fennel ear and a bit soft, elegant odor of tofu. A popular dish but a perfect combination of a lot of materials, bring in the fullness of the five harmonious. The food is not so much to eat, for the people of Hanoi, it is a gift from rice that people just want to eat, just enough to feed their minds, long time to crave.
Moulded cake is a combination of many ingredients with harmonious color
Moulded cake is a combination of many ingredients with harmonious color

The hot Moulded cake in Hanoi, the most famous is a rustic restaurant hidden in a lane at the top of Le Ngoc Han street (Hai Ba Trung district). The food is as old as its longevity. Road to the small shop, guests have to have to return the car at the lane for the owner. 

Inside the restaurant is a quiet space, only aesthetic factors, looks like the lady here is not so busy so the tables, chairs are like a long time ago. And that, diners do not complain. Pham Thi Noi, owner of the restaurant, shared: "Rainy days, guests often stamping out constantly." Open from 8 am but every day, her grandparents and children in the house must also serve up to 8 pm.

 The strange thing is that this has been going on for 30 years. 30 years, the time is so long that for other normal food store, sometimes have to change the job but with this cake shop Le Ngoc Han is not. For 30 years things are still the same. Every 30 years, every morning, grandma still expensive as usual. 

Moulded cake here are quite cheap, only 15,000 VND / bowl with enough cake, broth, tofu and pork fried coriander meat, onion flowers. Many people compliment that the food here is very good, just down the mouth. Piece of cake is always soft, tough and flexible. When preparing to serve guests, the owner usually take the cake first and then the meat later but when the calf to enjoy the dessert, pieces of bread, meat and water as mixed in each other. Let’s explore Where to go in Vietnam with us

"The cake here is the best I have ever eaten, plastic, fragrant and a lot of fried fennel ear," said Thu Huong, a diner here. Similarly, Mr. Minh (living in Tran Nhan Tong Street) confided: "To eat a bowl is very much because the owner has many meat, many bread. Come to the bar you have to eat a lot, turned out not, just one bowl only (laughs). 

"Although the price escalated but for a long time, I still maintain the price of 15,000 VND, only enough to make a profit.I want to maintain the price, I have to call all children in the house to work, "The grandmother talked about how to maintain the price of baked goods is classified as" delicious – cheap. " 

She said, before the shop is located on the road but for many reasons have retreated deep hidden in the alley. The number of guests has decreased, but at peak hours, people come to eat often seated. Her guests are diverse, from students to students to freelance workers or intellectual workers. She called the returnees to be patrons and just glimpsed what they liked to eat. 

"There are a lot of visitors coming here from the time of the white shirt, many years away from work, have the opportunity to come back here and remind the old story. This also gives me a lot of joy mixed up, "she shared. 

Regarding how to make the cake, grandmother said that it is a "secret" passed down generations in her family. "I remember learning to make cakes from my grandmother’s time, it’s hard to say that easy, it’s easy, it’s the formula that many people know, another way to reduce the other will give another flavor," The hostess spoke in a modest voice.

 According to her, in the past, bowls of castings often only cake and tofu. "At that time, it was hard, so full of meat as now.