It is essential that women choose to claim and heal our relationships with sexuality, men, and power

It is essential that women choose to claim and heal our relationships with sexuality, men, and power.
One of the most common challenges women share with me is that they lose themselves in relationship with men.
Imagine the metaphor of sailing along in our own ship on the ocean, and then jumping off of our ship with no life-line back, in order to swim aboard the ship of the man we are dating or interested in.
It’s like that. Just like that.
And here’s the thing, these aren’t “weak” women.
These are clear, empowered, strong, independent, passionate women. But once an intimate or sexual relationship with a man enters into their life, it’s as if the connection to their power, their direction and their intuition disappears.
And this isn’t an isolated experience of a few women. This is a collective experience that runs deep into women’s psyches. We didn’t create it. It was conditioned into us long ago by a society who didn’t trust the wild nature of our power.
It isn’t our fault. There is no need to feel shame. But there is a need to recognize and take ownership for it if we desire to free ourselves from it.
Why is this important?
If women are in the habit of losing ourselves when in relationship with a man, it inevitably impacts our belief in our ability to consciously create an empowered reality.
A reality where the woman 100% knows and embodies her ability to take care of her needs and fulfill her deepest desires for pleasure, prosperity, freedom and connection.
Our sexuality and personal power our inextricably connected. We cannot have full access to one if we shut of access to another. And shame is the kryptonite that shuts them down.
Shame for our bodies, shame for our desire, shame for our appetite for sex, shame for our capacity for pleasure.
As women, it is essential that we learn how to be in relationship with men while staying connected to our sexuality and power.
Our relationships depend upon it. Our lives depend on it. Our joy depends on it.
I coach women to release and transform these patterns:
• Shutting down your sexuality or your desires to make the man/men you’re in relationship with comfortable.
• Disconnecting from or invalidate your intuition because your male partners don’t understand or agree.
• Abandon or losing yourself in order to fully immerse yourself in his world and “make things work”.
• Feeling excessive anxiety or an inability to focus on other areas of your life if your relationship is rocky.
• Settling for agreements or rules in a relationship that have you feel repressed, resentful, or like a victim.
I am scheduling 8 conversations with women over the next 10 days who are willing, ready and serious about making these changes in their lives.
These will be 75-minute video calls, where I’ll ask you poignant questions that give me an inside look into your life–who you are, what you deeply desire, and what blocks or challenges are getting in the way.
At the end of the call, if I feel 100% positive I can support you in achieving your desires, and we both feel 100% turned on about doing work together, we will talk about what private coaching work looks like.
Please only sign up for a conversation with me if you feel a clear readiness and desire to engage in coaching work at this time in your life. You will transform. Your life will never be the same. It will be absolutely amazing. And it will require *all* of you to show up.
To schedule a conversation with me, please private message me, and I’ll send you a brief intake form to fill out. Once you submit the form, I’ll send you a link to my online calendar and we’ll schedule a time to talk.
These conversations are first come, first serve. I’m excited to speak with you.

I have space open for one more woman and one more man to join the Intimacy Workshop I’ll be running this Sunday (12/3) in Fairfax, CA

I have space open for one more woman and one more man to join the Intimacy Workshop I’ll be running this Sunday (12/3) in Fairfax, CA. It’s designed for those wanting to cultivating advanced skills in communicating desires, boundaries, and increasing receptivity from the opposite sex.
The Intimacy Workshop runs from 5-8pm, and costs $75. PM me if you are interested and we’ll set up a time to connect and see if it’s a good fit.

Two authoritative author / experts I suggest worthy of paying consistent attention to are Alfred J

Two authoritative author / experts I suggest worthy of paying consistent attention to are Alfred J. McCoy and Andrew Bacevich. You’ll find them regular contributors at Tom Dispatch, Truth Out and Truthdig.
This one’s from McCoy on Tom Dispatch.
“At a U.S. air base just across the Mekong River in Thailand, Task Force Alpha deployed two powerful IBM 360/65 mainframe computers, equipped with history’s first visual display monitors, to translate all those sensor signals into “an illuminated line of light” and so launch jet fighters over the Ho Chi Minh Trail where computers discharged laser-guided bombs automatically. Bristling with antennae and filled with the latest computers, its massive concrete bunker seemed, at the time, a futuristic marvel to a visiting Pentagon official who spoke rapturously about “being swept up in the beauty and majesty of the Task Force Alpha temple.”
However, after more than 100,000 North Vietnamese troops with tanks, trucks, and artillery somehow moved through that sensor field undetected for a massive offensive in 1972, the Air Force had to admit that its $6 billion “electronic battlefield” was an unqualified failure. Yet that same bombing campaign would prove to be the first crude step toward a future electronic battlefield for unmanned robotic warfare.”


Bumbling bamboozler Bill Walker.
I’ve seen and met every Governor of Alaska since statehood except Keith Miller – including one Territorial Governor – and Bill Walker is the worst one yet for turning this state over to big money power. Worse than Sheffield. As bad or worse than Parnell. ~ djo

And that’s a wrap ! We launched the United Nations Human Rights LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business in Melbourne at ACON ‘s Pride in Practice…

And that’s a wrap ! We launched the United Nations Human Rights LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business in Melbourne at ACON ‘s Pride in Practice Conference this evening with Deputy High Commissioner Kate Gilmore, my dear friend and former High Court Justice Michael Kirby and new friends Justin Koonin, Craig Andrade and Vanessa Zimmerman. #Biz4lgbti #prideindiversity

Is this one of those, Get rich quick things?, Got a better question

Is this one of those
Get rich quick things?
Got a better question…
Who wants to get rich slow?
Work for another 50+ years, Retire at 70
and finally get to live the dream? ✈️
Sounds like a scam
Corporations need workers so what’s the one
word that needs to be programmed… WORK
Who invented the term
Get rich quick anyways?
A broke person?
Don’t fall for those “get rich quick things,” do what any responsible adult would do and buy some lottery tickets to get lucky
That’s what college degrees are for right?
Pay 50k+ to learn the stuff you don’t wanna learn so you can get a job where you don’t apply 90% of what you just learned?
Who wants to go broke quick?
What if college had a refund policy?
Where’s my money back guarantee?
Here’s a paradigm shift for ya…
FREEdom isn’t free.
You gotta pay for that
So would you rather spend a few years mastering the skills that will create you the income and lifestyle of your dreams?
Spend the rest of your life majoring in minor things so you can be told what to do by someone else until the day that you die?
Easy decision.
You already made it, I just said
what you were already thinking

Fight the Tax Bill

Fight the Tax Bill. It’s not over until it’s over. Call your Senators (202) 224-3121 What follows is a link to a useful update on where the bill stands, with links to news articles and daily actions you can take. Contact your Senators and tell them to say no. Especially if you live in Tennessee, Arizona or Maine, which are represented by Corker, Flake and Collins.

David J Otness — I find the reverting to demonising Putin for all that is wrong with this goddamned country patently absurd and tiresome

David J Otness — I find the reverting to demonising Putin for all that is wrong with this goddamned country patently absurd and tiresome. But, oh how convenient for the 24/7/365 news cycle of the dis-attentive and in particular those of a shallow grasp of history of even the 20th century’s latter years. FFS.
Van Horn Ely — And that response is not indicative of the facts, or even the far-left narrative, DJO! And it’s unworthy of you to be so broad.
What we need is clarity. Putin did and does meddle, as do we. It’s non-negotiable FACT. All that’s left is the degree…
David J Otness — Oh for fuck’s sake, there is no denying nor an attempt at it, that is that Putin and Russia are not being proactive in trying to protect their national sovereignty and structural integrity – from US!! -, but explaining it (within historical and contemporary context) again and again and again against the purposed hysterical conflation that’s driving this to such an extreme as it is makes documenting it further akin to pissing up a rope. Or, even more realistically, allowing others to pee on me for articulating FACTS they do not want to accept. Becuz appealing to the id is a winnah and that’s what’s driving Demnation and what is a very reckless foreign “policy” such as it is.
It’s calculated demonizing, it’s hysteria promulgated for political gain by the neocon element of the Democratic Party (the DNC) raising the specter of ‘the Other’ and the Russians The RUSSIANS! fit the bill perfectly.
And it is not my job to do the research for others to arrive at a well-researched and balanced opinion such as mine because even if I do (and have repeatedly, if not incessantly with links that are summarily ignored) – “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”
Like I said: I have links up the ying and I have posted them countless times for just about zero response. I have put together so much objective information that falls on deaf ears.
People believe what they’ve been conditioned to believe, what they’re made to want to believe and once in that herd mentality it’s “Fuck you, Commie!” to people like me.
“Oh sure, Otness, you’re such an expert.”
No, that’s what everyone assumes ‘they’ are, because of the ‘officially’ established narrative that issues forth from the propaganda Gods like Rachel Maddow ffs -“Isn’t she brilliant, funny, convincing and the WORD? Don’t you dare say a negative thing about her!
She wouldn’t bring us a wrong thought or twist a thing for her war-mongering employers, she’s all sunlight and objectivity.”
THAT is what I’m up against, not as an “expert”, but as one who actually researches and forms conclusions based on a sober assessment of the sum total. And of course am summarily stoned and subject to opprobrium.
People are fucking idiots, vastly overrating themselves as individuals and as a species, herd animals par excellence while absorbing notions such as American “exceptionalism” without a critical thought about it.
No wonder the whole show is melting down like the tiger turning to butter racing around the tree. While the scolding rooks nest in the crennelated battlement recesses caw-cawing invective as the “crowd goes wild!”
Meet the real enemy. Just as Pogo said back in 1968:
“It is US!”

Paying to wear Gucci won’t make, you successful financially

Paying to wear Gucci won’t make
you successful financially… ‍♂️
Only if you’re Getting paid by
Gucci to wear Gucci will.
In this day and age we live in a generation where people judge others by what car they drive, clothes they wear, house they own, or other material possessions… ‍♂️
So people go out and spend everything to buy
things they don’t want, with the money they
don’t have, to impress people they don’t like.
If someone judges you by how many books you read per month then that’s the type of person you want to keep in your life.
If someone judges you by what brands of clothes you wear then then that’s the type of person you want to X out of your life
It’s easy to get caught up in the stuff that
doesn’t get you ahead and most forget who
they truly are so they let their exterior define
them so they can hold onto their identity.
So not your job to create a lifestyle that
defines you, it’s your job to define you.
You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience, you’re a spiritual being having a human experience and the sooner you realize that the sooner your identity will disappear
Knowledge is the new currency
Purpose is the definition of success
⚡️ Energy is who you really are
Love is the only religion

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