The so-called tax cut bill or more accurately the GOP Tax Scam: “Millions of families won’t get a long-term re-authorization of the Children’s…

The so-called tax cut bill or more accurately the GOP Tax Scam: “Millions of families won’t get a long-term re-authorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has been overdue for nearly three months. About 800,000 immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children won’t receive the permanent protection from deportation that Democrats and some Republicans promised would come by the end of the year. And insurers won’t see the renewal of payments aimed at tamping down premiums for people who earn too much to qualify for government subsidies.”

“Ask your favorite newspapers, magazines, and websites to cover the many, many people who have joined the Resistance

“Ask your favorite newspapers, magazines, and websites to cover the many, many people who have joined the Resistance.
Are you sick to death of stories about Trump voters who voted for Trump and are still okay with having voted for Trump? Same here.
Why are there not more stories about people who were never really that politically active until the 2016 election happened and now they’re pissed enough to fight back?
We want more stories about THOSE PEOPLE. They’d be far more interesting and there are far more of them.
Get in touch with your favorite publications and ask them to cover ordinary local folks who were moved to take extraordinary steps after Trump was elected.”

Boys and girls born in the mid 90s are doing the most

Boys and girls born in the mid 90s are doing the most. Their lifestyle seems to be ahead of the ones born in the 80s and 70s.Party animals,Drugs ,weed,omunye phez ko munye,moral degeneration nd etc!
It looks like parents don’t give a damn thing about their kids. They are probably tired. How does a parent explain the whereabouts of a 19-20 yr old at 3am. I guess the generational mix is playing a negative role. You find a (22) being friends with (38)or 21 friends wit 43 buying each other soft drinks from time to time!
You find a (22) buying a (44)some cigarettes or booze. Surely they will indulge together.Just guard your kids or little siblings from being friends with old fellas.
A volcano of moral degeneration will explode in 15yrs time from now and it will be morally irreversible. We must take the responsibility of taking care of our young siblings whichever way we can. Half of the time they just do things out of excitement in a quest to have an eventful life.
It must be of concern enough that majority in our generation can’t even assemble a proper family structure, hence it has become so common to see single young men and women raising their kids alone. Take a look here to read more.

CONCLUSION : These people are so used to enriching

CONCLUSION : These people are so used to enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense that the idea of more democracy, not-for-profit public services, and a clamp down on tax-dodging seems even more extreme to them than the wanton street thuggery, abolition of women’s reproductive rights, state control of the media, religious indoctrination in schools, extrajudicial lynch-mob killings, white supremacism, and all of the other depraved stuff that Britain First promote.
Toby Young and his ilk are nothing more than frightened piggies at the Tory trough, and they’re absolutely terrified that a rejuvenated and democratised Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn might actually hinder their absolute gluttony at the expense of the rest of us. Visit Road Runner Sports, the largest running & walking store in the world, to get the best selection of athletic shoes, clothing, accessories and gear at the best price possible! Check a road runner sports promo code for extra up to 20% OFF!

This is an important issue, and Morell’s statements if anything understate the entire problem

This is an important issue, and Morell’s statements if anything understate the entire problem. “So the failure to see this coming and the failure to take some time before you actually see what’s happening is also a collection failure right?” Morell said to Politico’s Susan Glasser. “It means you haven’t penetrated the right places with the right assets — CIA and NSA are the two big ones here — to tell you exactly what the Russians are doing. So it’s a couple of important failures there.” The failure here is caused by the intelligence community’s instinctive culture of secrecy. The active measures campaign should not just have been revealed in highly classified briefing notes to the President and to the congressional Gang of Eight. The key information needed to be furnished to the American public. The failure to do that is key. Moreover, compare the conduct of the US intelligence community in election 2016 with that of the French and German intelligence services in their 2017 elections. The French and Germans both realized that to be thwarted, the Russian efforts had to be fully disclosed in real time—which they did. And it made all the difference.

I love LifePointe Church

I love LifePointe Church. I’m excited about where God is bringing us. And it was awesome seeing new faces in church that couldn’t wait till next week (one little girl – a first time visitor – was actually in tears that she had to go home!). So I say this not out of frustration, but out of genuine love and concern, and I hope you hear my heart…
Too many Christians don’t understand the significance of just showing up; of simply being present in worship to encourage others and to build relationships with them; To be vessels that God can move through to build His Kingdom. As long as you’re focused on what YOU get out of church, YOUR needs, whether YOU feel like going, you’re missing the most significant dynamic OF church – being an instrument of God’s love, disciple making, and encouragement to others. Our reward is not centered around doing religious duty, but on being obedient to His leading. And I’m pretty sure that it isn’t God who is telling His people to stay away from the very church He wants to knit them together with. I understand how busy this season is, but it is HIS season after all. And as happy as I was to see new people getting so excited about the church, it saddens me that there are those who left their rewards sitting here; who didn’t perceive the importance of being in position to be used by God, and who allow basic life issues, or their own discouragement, or even just their momentary wants, to keep them away from that place of usefulness. I’m not trying to beat anyone up. But I’d be a lousy pastor if I didn’t confront you with truth either.
If you’re hurting – physically, emotionally, relationally – call me. Call someone. Humble yourself and reach out. But don’t give the enemy the victory – in your life or someone else’s. Don’t stay away from the people you’re called to be with and lose the reward God has for you, for being used in the lives and situations He has ordained for you. Of course Sunday isn’t the only day that can be done. But if you can’t be obedient on Sunday morning, when will it be easier?
Jesus is here when His people gather. So should we all be.
Blessings and peace!

Do you hear what I hear?, In 2017 the world was screaming “We need to end sexual harassment!”

Do you hear what I hear?
In 2017 the world was screaming “We need to end sexual harassment!”. But if we’re honest we know we won’t.
In 2017 the world was screaming “Stop political partisanship and corruption!”. But deep down we don’t really think it’ll happen.
In 2017 the world was screaming “Equal treatment for all!”. But still we wait.
These problems (and countless more) are the evidence of our defective condition. We can pretend that the only reason they still exist is that we’re the first generation to care about fixing them, or to really try to, but that’s either arrogance or absurd naïveté. Human solutions are like standing over a shattered car engine and demanding it start. But there’s a reason Jesus is called Savior. It’s because we need to be saved. We can demand, protest, unite, and give all we want — we can’t fix the core problem. Since the fall of mankind there has been injustice, hatred, sexual abuse, violence and disease. Yes we can (and should) do what we can do to make life better for others, but whenever we seem to have eradicated one problem, the reality of our defective condition rears its ugly head, and another, just as awful problem arises. And all the while the mortality rate for humanity remains at 100%.
You have a choice. You can either spend the energy of your short life railing against mankind’s defects, or you can admit that they’re not fixable by human effort. Because eventually you’ll come to one of two inescapable conclusions. Either there is a God who loves us and is willing to fix us, or we’re all doomed.
I believe the former. And I believe Jesus is the remedy. I believe human efforts on their own are ultimately powerless, but that as instruments of God, we’re immeasurably powerful; That if I’m willing to die to self I can begin to see God’s healing impacting the world around me. Christmas isn’t just about celebrating God’s gift. It’s about sharing it with a world that is crying out in pain in need of it.
Maybe instead of thinking about how much cash we’re willing to spend this Christmas, we’ll start thinking about how much self we are.

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Been seeing the same copy and paste posts
all over my feed and it’s no wonder why most
people get turned off by crypto currencies
Not gonna lie…
I’m all for investing in crypto
it’s definetly the future…
And I’m not a Bitcoin guru, but the internet needs better marketers because just like the network marketing space is saturated with people who don’t know how to market social media is being flooded by the same about crypto.
Just remember that the people who REALLY know what they’re doing with investing in different currencies don’t need to spam their feed everyday promoting new coins…
That’s because they actually make money investing into difference currencies and don’t need to recruit anyone into crypto companies.
Now, some people like to do both, recruit and invest… which is totally cool, but spice up your marketing a bit instead of posting the same that everyone else is posting.
That’s how you stand out from the crowd
And if this posts rubs you the wrong way then
that’s good because the truth is like broccoli,
it doesn’t taste good but it good for you
And one more thing….
Always plug

This past month, an incredible team of friends, social organizations, volunteers, sponsors and donors came together to celebrate giving from London,…

This past month, an incredible team of friends, social organizations, volunteers, sponsors and donors came together to celebrate giving from London, Paris, to New-York and San Francisco. I’m so grateful for your incredible generosity and your commitment to build this movement to #MakeGivingTheNorm.
Thank you for this memorable month of innovation and social good that showed how much can be accomplished when we come together! So proud of what we have achieved :)

Ninh Binh Tours with most competitive prices and services

 Ninh Binh Bicycle Tours will take you to the richest local village in the north of Vietnam. You will see many farmers working actively in the field of lively. And then taking a boat trip will take you to the waterfront with fabulous strawberry fields like nowhere else in Vietnam. Ninh Binh is home to Buddhism, some of the oldest and most famous of which are Bich Dong Pagoda (interesting pagoda built into the cave)
Tam Coc is known to tourists as Vietnam `s Halong Bay without water. Halong Bay on the rice paddies (an outstanding breed to Guilin and Yangshuo in China). Tam Coc formed a large rock protruding from the rice field. Tam Coc means "three caves"


Bicycle tourism in Ninh Binh is very popular in recent years
Bicycle tourism in Ninh Binh is very popular in recent years
Bich Dong is the second most beautiful temple in Vietnam, after Huong Pagoda. It is a few kilometers north of Tam Coc. The pagoda is located at the foot of the highway, from which it is a climb about 100 steps to the pagoda, then a shorter but still climbing to the pagoda. Inside each cave temple, flickering statues and burning incense smoke create an atmosphere otherworldly. The outside can not be reversed more than the truth: there are some incredible views of the countryside.
Hu Lu has an interesting historical twist. Hoa Lu was the capital of Vietnam in Dinh (968-980) and Le (980-1009) early. The atmosphere in the temple is evocative of the heyday of the royal palace walls with; Stalls and temples existed thousands of years ago. It is a surviving evidence of the golden age of the land of the feudal dynasty of Vietnam.
08h30: Start the ride on the bike with the local guide through our countryside with pictures scenery to Tam Coc. You can make a stop at your request, everywhere we will guide  help you talk to people, learn about their life and allow you to capture memorable photos
09h10: Go sightseeing boat trip Tam Coc "Three caves"
11h10: Finish a boat trip and Ride on bike to visit Bich Dong Pagoda, small rise to see picturesque landscape
12h20: Cycle back to Tam Coc and have lunch at the restaurant
13h50: Then continue Ninh Binh Tours with most competitive prices and services to ride the bike on the road with the countryside nice school for Hoa Lu ancient capital
14h30: Visiting Hoa Lu with two temples "Dinh & Le" dynasty, then increase to 200-step. Visit the king’s tomb at the top of Ma Yen mountain to see the nice view
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