Is this one of those, Get rich quick things?, Got a better question

Is this one of those
Get rich quick things?
Got a better question…
Who wants to get rich slow?
Work for another 50+ years, Retire at 70
and finally get to live the dream? ✈️
Sounds like a scam
Corporations need workers so what’s the one
word that needs to be programmed… WORK
Who invented the term
Get rich quick anyways?
A broke person?
Don’t fall for those “get rich quick things,” do what any responsible adult would do and buy some lottery tickets to get lucky
That’s what college degrees are for right?
Pay 50k+ to learn the stuff you don’t wanna learn so you can get a job where you don’t apply 90% of what you just learned?
Who wants to go broke quick?
What if college had a refund policy?
Where’s my money back guarantee?
Here’s a paradigm shift for ya…
FREEdom isn’t free.
You gotta pay for that
So would you rather spend a few years mastering the skills that will create you the income and lifestyle of your dreams?
Spend the rest of your life majoring in minor things so you can be told what to do by someone else until the day that you die?
Easy decision.
You already made it, I just said
what you were already thinking

10 thoughts on “Is this one of those, Get rich quick things?, Got a better question”

  1. you gotta love the journey, Who wants to retire on a beach somewhere, I would die of bordem. Make work something you love and you will never work a day in your life

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