In case you didn’t know, the Arctic Ocean ice is going away at a rapid rate, and things could get dicey really quickly

In case you didn’t know, the Arctic Ocean ice is going away at a rapid rate, and things could get dicey really quickly. Things like life as we know it.
Things like most of what we take for granted.
To whom it may concern: this is no longer a hypothetical.
Those who can, should be doing. Although 10 years ago would have been a better starting point. Alarmist? Naw…
Those who have been FB friends with me for a long time can perhaps recall my entreaties to prepare by getting relocated to a place that suits survival possibilities for ‘hard times’… Research is your friend. And water is life. Pay attention. ~ djo

15 thoughts on “In case you didn’t know, the Arctic Ocean ice is going away at a rapid rate, and things could get dicey really quickly”

  1. This is the 3rd year in a row this has happened. I think it was 2 yrs back when all that air was pushed down into Vietnam and Taiwan where they have no home heat and it snowed down at sea level. That was warm air that was pushed up past Greenland displacing the polar air to the south. It looks like a double-whammy this time with all of the Bering Sea ice melting and shooting north as well as the Atlantic air. A friend , Toby Anungazuk Jr reported no shore ice at all at Wales on the Bering Strait and saw a lot of open water. The ice traditionally is 4 feet thick this time of year.

  2. Things are really getting to the critical stage on several fronts. The establishment cabal with the money at the top, followed by politician and media puppets, and the MIC acting as the thug muscle, are ratcheting up their censorship and disinformation campaigns. It seems they’re determined to keep the masses from realizing how we’re all being manipulated and programmed to go along with our own subjugation. There are plenty of factual articles with confirmed evidence pointing to what I’m saying, but even intelligent people have succumbed to the programming and simply write off the factual truth as a conspiracy theory. It’s disgusting how they’re manipulating us by amplifying some facts and omitting others while telling outright lies. They focus on the gun issue when many times more people are being murdered and dying from prescription drug addictions and lack of health care that could be paid for with a fraction of our military / security budget. And while we pretend to care about innocent life over here, we go around the world imposing death and destruction for the sake of those that profit by being invested in the weapons industries and thefts of resources in foreign lands.

  3. I just heard that the ice may still be in, but it is still much thinner than it is supposed to be and if it doesn’t get and stay cold it will be headed North much earlier than ever before. Four years ago today the sea ice was gone in front of the village.

  4. Agree with you David J Otness. I am in no way an expert, but from what I have learned, and see of changes, know the N pole has move at least over to Siberia and that the south has left Antarctica, I think heading somewhere at least toward the eastern shores of South America. The question is where will they end up; will they continue as they are now, kind of moving more toward each other(?) and/ or I have read that they “could” even reverse back toward their original positions. In their present directions with a weakened magnetosphere we could see a pole shift, in at least our younger generation’s lifetimes? Some researchers think such is likely. I hope not, but with even the changes we have seen already and knowing our vulnerability to x rays/ influx of waves of energy from space and our sun, also the vulnerabilities of the layers of our atmosphere and our satellites, electrical grid systems, one would be foolish not to do some serious study and preparations for possibilities of a variety of emergency situations. From what I have read, I see no fail safe areas to live for all of the possible scenarios we, but especially our children, grandchildren, and on may face in the future. There are some areas of the world, spaces that “may” be more hospitable then others. And no matter what, survival even, under many circumstances could turn out to be very difficult, even impossible. I tend to put myself into action, doing preventive, preparation work as much as I can, that’s just me. That way I do not have to obsess, can let go of worries on a daily basis. I hope many other people do the same. ??

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