I got my first job at 13-years-old so this year’s birthday will mark 20 YEARS I’ve been working in one capacity or another

I got my first job at 13-years-old so this year’s birthday will mark 20 YEARS I’ve been working in one capacity or another.
Encouraged by my mother, having a job at a young age gave me a strong work ethic and I still love making money – not in a horrible capitalist kind of way, money isn’t everything, but it is one hell of an enabler.
Having a job at 13 taught me what real roll-up-your-sleeves hard work is and how to value my worth.
Every teenager should experience real world work as it prepares you up for the harsh realities of real life and how to survive.

20 thoughts on “I got my first job at 13-years-old so this year’s birthday will mark 20 YEARS I’ve been working in one capacity or another”

  1. Totally agree! I started working at 15. I don’t have a degree so 13 years in multiple job roles has been my biggest educational experience, and it gave me the confidence to start my own businesses throughout!

  2. 100% agree! I started refereeing little kids soccer (football for you) games when I was 12 and did it until I was about 25. I learned so much, including how to deal with unreasonable people, dealing with adults and having responsibility, plus made good money. http://www.nathanlustig.com/…/what-ive-learned-in-12…/

  3. Awesome, I started at 14. I cleaned a pizza place before school everyday for a year before graduating to busboy! lol. Good stuff.

  4. Oh wow, my first job at 13 too and it’s been 20 years. Started by washing dishes in a pub and now working for one of the world’s leading technology companies.

  5. I couldn’t agree with this more! My first real job was when I was 14 and it definitely taught me so much about the value of a dollar and responsibility! :)

  6. I think I was 14 when I had my first part-time job – cleaning maya pottery shards for an archaeology group. I did that every summer until I graduated from Highschool. This, I declare, is the reason I hate washing dishes lol.

  7. I had my first business at 13… (it wasn’t legal but it was a profitable buz)! I learned an a great deal about just life and biz life. X

  8. Well done! My mother paid 50 cents per sack of manure and I collected that much she could barely keep up with the payments at aged 7! I was collecting bottles and selling pigeons and dumpster diving when I was 8! Always had a good ethic. Found an old u…

  9. Isabella started working at 5:) acting then shop work at 13. And continues now:) there is nothing more important than giving our children these independent skills from a young age!

  10. Mine was on a mobile fruit and veg van at the age of 12! £2 an hour for 10 hours on a Saturday. Loved it tho gutted I didn’t start a pension at that age too

  11. 100% agree. I done a paper round at 6am everyday before school for £11 a week. My dad told me if I saved up £100 he would pay the rest of the way to the games console I wanted. Took me 10 weeks but it taught me the value of money and working hard. After that I tended to spend the money on beer at the weekend which is a tradition I still maintain today.

    1. Hermione Way haha… why would they do that? The “system” is trained to replicate itself. So if you are born wealthy you learn these methods and how to replicate it. It’s not made to show everyone the loopholes to be successful. You don’t learn how to start a business, write off taxes, business negotiations, executing ideas. Most is not very useful. They train you how to be an employee. Lol

    2. Hermione Way yup, but when you start going forward you learn that it’s no mistake of why it’s not taught. It’s not just about standard-education it’s all about the loopholes and the process.

    3. Hermione Way yes, they should. And learn how to raise capital Etc. But, again, that puts too many winners out here. That’s not wanted.

  12. you’re lucky you didn’t grow up in Poland, we put kids to work in the kitchen making meals for the family, the moment they get fussy with food ;), how else does every Polish person know how to make pierogies :) lol

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