Hello beautiful men of the Bay Area (California)

Hello beautiful men of the Bay Area (California). I have space for one more man to attend the Intimacy Energetics Workshop I’m facilitating this Saturday (1/27) from 5-8pm in Fairfax, CA.
The workshop is designed for those who want to create deeper intimacy in their relationships with the opposite sex, through creating awareness of how their beliefs, emotional responses, and relating patterns get in the way of authentic connection.
Learn to stay grounded in your own experience, receive other people’s reflections without getting thrown off, and confidently communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires.
The workshop is open to 12 people (gender balanced), and is $100 to attend. Let me know if you are interested and we can schedule a time to hop on the phone and chat. Talk to you soon. <3

3 thoughts on “Hello beautiful men of the Bay Area (California)”

  1. I had to smile when I saw your clarification of which “bay area” you meant…because, as you know, to Marylander, the is ONE bay…the Chesapeake!

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