Don’t Hate

Don’t Hate… just Levitate
Haters will see you walk on water
And then say you can’t even swim
No matter how successful you become in your
life there will always be people who will try to
turn the lights out on your shine
Saying things like…
“Get a ‘real’ job.”
“That won’t last.”
“You got lucky.”
You can either take their advice and stay
where they’re at or follow your gut and
achieve what they dream of doing. ✈️
Either way you’ve got a decision to make
Comment your favorite quote that keeps you
going when others are trying to pull you back
See you on the beaches of the world!

30 thoughts on “Don’t Hate”

  1. Haters are just like crabs in the bucket, when one reaches the top.. they’ll just try to pull you back down. Keep grinding guys!!

  2. We just heard this sort of words, and this words makes us keep on going. Anyway no matter what you do in life, once they see you’re doing something in your life they will try to drag you down and say this words “You’re not being realistic, you won’t ha…

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