December 28, 2017 Laura Eisenhower, Kevin and I both felt a core strength returning after taking the C60 Purple Power

* December 28, 2017 Laura Eisenhower
Kevin and I both felt a core strength returning after taking the C60 Purple Power. It has kept us very well so far through the cold winter weather and is also helping our nervous systems calm and it is boosting our energy levels. We look forward to taking more, as we both feel it is bringing us improvement on all fronts with things that have been a challenge physically."
Lots and lots of Love, Laura
* December 28, 2017 Statement by Alfred Lambremont Webre
[Recommended by my MD Physician]
As you know, on October 26, 2017 I began using the C-60 “BuckyBall” in to help heal my vision, specifically after a DEW attack on July 30, 2017 that gave rise to a “stroke” in my right eye.
Prior to my starting C-60, my ophthalmologist had warned that my vision was deteriorating and that he might have to recommend me for cataract surgery after my next quarter visit, scheduled for December 18, 2017.
After my Dec. 18 visit, I was able to write you: “I just got out of my eye doctor appt. A-OK! Vision greatly improved since last quarterly visit. Danger of cataract surgery has disappeared. All good! No need for check-up for another 6 months.
* 12/2017 Brooks Agnew
The C60 in coconut oil has no taste that I could discern. I asked that the trial bottle not come with any description of possible effects, so I could sense it for myself. The first thing I noticed is the profound clarity of thought. It not only enhanced my short-term memory, but it also seemed to make it easier to think rapidly. I did not experience any jitters or a speeding up of my metabolism. I did not experience sleeplessness or discomfort. The C60 is a good supplement for making it easier to recall and express information. I don’t think I have gotten that benefit from anything else I have tried. Thank you so much."
January 2018 S. Frank
* 12/2017 S. Stuart, 54
I received my C60 Purple Power early October, and literally as I was beginning a cold that I could tell would be a doosy! I’ve had colds like this before, and they normally last 8-10 days, with a bad cough, body aches and a sinus infection. I thought ‘well, now we shall see if this miracle elixir really works!’ I was badly needing the cold to end as I was leaving on a much anticipated trip in 7 days, and so thrilled to see that the main symptoms of my cold were gone in 3 days! I had the residual sniffles and coughs, but NOT the body aches, hacking cough and total weariness that I would normally have had for another week. I am happy to testify that C60 works, and although it does all kinds of wonderful things, most people would be happy if it just ended their colds that quickly!
* 1/11/18 S. Carlson
Right now, I can say that I feel better than I have in a long time. My energy level is way up and my mental clarity is so much better. I haven’t been taking it long but I expect to just feel better and better. I have noticed my legs cramps have dissipated as well. It works on so many levels. You don’t think of all the ways until one day you think, "hey. I don’t have ‘such and such’ anymore. My husband will be joining me on this journey as well as soon as he gets through some personal medical issues. I will def do a follow-up statement after a while 
* 1/11/18 M. Elias
Thank you scientist Ken! I was able to go back to work as a massage therapist and got my life back together after taking C60 for a few weeks, and now I’m pain free on my joints and muscles, feeling happier and my brain is sharper. I’m 52, I love C60 and I’ll take it for the rest of my life! I’m eternally grateful to you. Thanks Patty! Great interview. Much love to you from Maui, Aloha.
* Jan 2018 – P. Kelly
I received the C60 Purple Power as a gift, and after only a few weeks have noticed a marked decrease in my allergies; an increase and stability in my energy over the day; skin that was threatened by pre-cancerous red spots is healing and becoming smooth and clear; better sleep and much greater ability to remember my dreams; and an improvement in my eyesight. I’m going to keep going with it and see.
* Jan 2018 Jessica M, age 41
A friend recently gifted me a bottle of C60 Purple Power. I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon in the morning for over 90 days now. I’ve noticed my usual symptoms of PMS have disappeared. I haven’t had any cramps since taking C60 and any hormonally induced mood swings I previously experienced, have completely leveled out. I’m no longer experiencing emotional highs and lows during the month — my mood feels consistent and stable. With C60, I’ve noticed I feel emotionally stable and balanced, I have a general sense of well being and on most days, I feel very optimistic.

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