Burnus was a sheep dog from the get-go and knew it

Burnus was a sheep dog from the get-go and knew it. He had a part to play and played it to perfection, right up to endorsing the eminently corrupt enterprise of Clinton Inc & Ilk – the actual and literal DNC Owners – right after the extent of DWS’s & Podesta’s, Brazile’s, Mook’s, and Brock’s et al nefariousness became known to the B-Bros.
Burner understood the gravity of the political moment, his own momentum within it, and he folded like a wet noodle, a cowardly lion.
A real Bert Lahr… (Google it, Junior).
He could have changed actual history rather than just making a splash.
That otherwise aware and somewhat educated(?) adults (they just got a schooling w/da Burn) should hold on to the notion that it was anything else as to what happened in 2016 is a testament to the ubiquitous propaganda state in which most U.S. Americans delusionally dwell. ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

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