Bike trip on Pike’s Peak with Brandon

Bike trip on Pike’s Peak with Brandon. You’d think it would all be down hill, but there are 2 locations going down where the road goes upward, and steeply. One is near the top at about 14,000 ft. Afraid of looking and being old, I pedaled the bike up that! All the way to the top! OMG! I was 52, haven’t rode in years, smoked cigarettes for some 35 years, just recently had quit, 14,000 ft, and I did it!! Then I had to stop and wait for everyone else because everyone else got off and walked up. Everyone including the thrill seekers in their 20’s who must have been panting away as they walked their bikes up, watching and thinking "Whoa! Look at that old dude go!" "I’ll bet he ends up needing an ambulance!" There was a moral to this story. It’s great to kick ass! But don’t be stupid.

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