Alright, now to the women of the Bay Area (California)

Alright, now to the women of the Bay Area (California). There is space for one more woman in the Intimacy Energetics Workshop I’m running tomorrow (Saturday) from 5-8pm in Fairfax.
Imagine how your relationships would change if you were able to drop the societal script of how you need to act or who you need to be in order to be “acceptable” and avoid losing love in relationship.
In this workshop, learn tools and skills for how to stay grounded in your own truths, desires, boundaries as you cultivate true intimacy, clarity and connection with the opposite sex.
The workshop is open to 12 people (gender balanced), and is $100 to attend. Private message me if you are interested and we can schedule a time to hop on the phone and chat today. <3

2 thoughts on “Alright, now to the women of the Bay Area (California)”

  1. FYI – We’ve got amazing 11 human beings signed up. You will be the final person. Just saying. If you’re feeling the pull, the spark, the curiosity..this message is probably directed at YOU.

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