A client of mine texted me this image last week

A client of mine texted me this image last week. He is a trans-man, launching his business as a keynote speaker at churches around the country speaking to trans-youth suicide prevention.
He brings me to tears with the work he is doing in the world.
I get to support him in releasing the fear, shame, and self-doubt he has carried with him throughout his life so that he can fully show up clear, embodied, grounded in his voice and in his power on stage.
He is doing his “work” in a way that I desire each person to have the willingness and conviction to embrace. Finding what our soul is meant to bring into this world, and releasing all fear and blocks necessary to be fully seen, heard and supported by the Universe in our vision.
We had a session today, me telling him how cool I feel because I get to coach him. He told me that he feels so cool because he gets to be coached by me.
I am at this place in my coaching work where I get to work only with clients who inspire me. Clients who blow my mind with their courage, their integrity, and their passion for truth.
I am so grateful for the life I have created for myself, because I know that if I was not willing to own and embody this work myself, I would not be attracting this caliber of people into my life. This is the work. Creating alignment between who we are internally, and how we show up and engage with the world. Releasing fear, choosing love, and raising our vibration.
I am here. So are you. I look forward to the connect that is ready to be created. Talk to you soon.

5 thoughts on “A client of mine texted me this image last week”

  1. You are a lucky woman getting to coach inspiring people – they come to you for inspiration and you both win! Must be so amazing!

  2. I am acutely aware of how much this man’s message is needed right now as I sit with the aftermath of a trans/gender/questioning sophomore classmate of my son’s suicide two nights ago. More power to THEM. ✊

    1. Wow. I am saddened to hear that. He is amazing. I’m happy to connect you with him if your son’s school may have a desire for him to come and speak to the students. <3

    2. I will let you know if that seems likely. It was already an incredibly welcoming place for them compared to most environments. Right now the community is deep in grieving and responding to the trauma.

  3. I have chills over my entire body and tears filling my eyes. You are my angel of proof that we can follow our hearts by being of our highest service and the rest follows. Thanks so much for everything you are ✨

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