Industrial Districts, Innovative Milieux, Growth Triangles or Global Knowledge Economies? – page 4

In the West of England it is mostly the indigenous firms that have a regionally based R&D facility, displaying high levels of innovation. In Singapore-Johor it is again largely the indigenous firms, rather than the subsidiaries of multinational companies, who are the major innovators…. Continue reading

A Comparative Analysis of Patterns of Learning Behaviour and Co-operation in the West of England and Singapore-Johor

The partial quantitative analyses of fieldwork data presented in the previous two chapters indicate that a great deal of further information can be extracted and evaluated. With the objective of investigating further the innovative behaviour of SMEs in the West of England and Singapore-Johor,… Continue reading

The Collective Learning Experience and Regional Channels of Knowledge Acquisition

As noted in the literature review, collective learning is attributed to the mobility of the local labour market, which accumulates its own knowledge and experience. The sampled firms reported that the average percentage of labour turnover within the last five years was 14%, although for companies in Johor it was much higher (20%) than for companies in Singapore (11%)…. Continue reading